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image of a t-shirt press by Colman & Company
Best HTV

Adding a T-Shirt Press to Your Business

Adding a T-Shirt Press Using a T-shirt press in your custom apparel business can add an additional source of revenue. A t-shirt press helps you …

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Best HTV

Having a Vinyl Cutter in Your Shop

Having a vinyl cutter in your shop Get complete control over your output and extra profits by learning what a vinyl cutter brings to your …

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image of the paper savers club

Learn More About The Paper Savers Club

Paper Savers Club 800-891-1094 Join The Paper Savers Club ZOOM IN on BIG Savings! Order Now Club Membership is Your Investment In Savings The Paper …

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image of bridesmaid shirts blue and white
Best HTV

Bridesmaid Shirts Return on Investment Calculations

Job Cost Analysis and ROI for Bridesmaid Shirts Wedding season is in full swing! And that makes for an excellent opportunity for custom apparel businesses …

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bridesmaid shirts being created with vinyl
Best HTV

Using A Vinyl Cutter for Bride Shirts

Using A Vinyl Cutter for Bride Shirts | How to Create Custom Bridesmaid Shirts Today I wanted to show you how I made a set …

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T-Shirt Press

Print Optimizer Training and Information

  Learn more about Print Optimizer for Digital HeatFX System The below video is a demo on our favorite features. If you already own Print …

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image of htv rolls and sheets by triton
Best HTV

What’s The Best HTV Vinyl? – Info and Buying Guide 2019

Triton Vinyl Exceeds Expectations With so many vinyl options out there, it can be hard to determine what is the best Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) …

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Brush n Bake

How to install Sierra Hotfix 17 or Stitch Era 17

Installing Sierra Hotfix 17 or Stitch Era 17 Download the Guide here: InstallationNotesERAv17  

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image of the DTG vs the T-Shirt Transfer Paper Printer
direct to garment

Printwear Article: Mastering DTG

Mastering DTG, Tips and Techniques Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) has become a red-hot manufacturing technique for creating brilliant custom T-shirts, custom printed kids clothing, canvas …

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General Apparel Decorating

Instagram Contest Winners Announced by Colman & Company

TAMPA, FLORIDA – 12/27/2017  Colman & Company, the supply arm of the ColDesi group today announced the winners of their first-ever Instagram Photo/Video Contest. For …

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image of digital heat fx system tax deduction
Business Ideas

Grab Your Section 179 Tax Deduction On Our Bundled Systems

      New Bundles! -Buy Online and Deduct it ALL.    What is Section 179? Section 179 of the IRS Code was enacted to …

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image of guy deciding on transfer paper

Digital HeatFX Transfer Paper System vs DTG – Direct to Garment Printing

  Transfer Paper System (Digital Heat FX™) vs. Direct to Garment Printing (DTG™) Direct to Garment Printing and Transfer Paper Printers are two top competitors …

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