How to Create Custom Flip Flops With Sublimation | Sawgrass SG1000

Personalized accessories are a fantastic way to expand offerings, boost sales and increase the bottom line for apparel decorating businesses. The sublimation technique is just one way to create unique custom accessories with vibrant, detailed designs on a variety of materials. Sublimation is perfect for print-on-demand orders because of its ability to produce small and large batches. It also requires less labor than other techniques.  

Sublimation On Flip Flops

Sublimating on Flip Flops involves only a few simple steps. This technique creates high-quality full-color designs that are permanent with no cracking, peeling, or fading. 

Flip Flop Blanks For Sublimation

The sublimation technique requires a special blank with a poly-coating to transfer the design. Sublimating on a flip flop not meant for sublimation, will lead to faded design or no design at all. Colman & Company provides durable trendy sublimation flip flops perfect for customization. 

Designs For Sublimation Flip Flops

When developing or choosing sublimation designs, it is important to understand the measurements of the product or blank that will be customed and if the design will cover the entire product or just a portion. 

Using sublimation software programs and or color management tools the design is formatted for color and saturation then imported into the printer software.  

Printing The Flip Flop Sublimation Design Transfer

Sublimation transfer paper is used exclusively in sublimation printing. This paper has a unique substrate and special coating added to the paper holds the dye sublimation inks and releases it into gas when exposed to heat. The transfer is printed and can be stored, sold as a transfer, or applied directly to the flip flop blank. 

Protecting The Flip Flop Blank From Heat

The use of protective non-stick sheets is required during the heat press processes. Before pressing, the protective sheet often known as a finishing sheet is placed on the heat press platen and below the sublimation blank and sublimation transfer. A secondary sheet is then placed above the transfer paper. These protective sheets prevent the blank from scorching or melting.  

Flip Flop Sublimation Heat Press

To produce the highest quality results when sublimating a heat press is necessary. The heat press has key features including exact temperature settings, locked pressure settings and displayed timer options. A heat press provides the consistent temperature, even pressure and reliable timing needed for the design to transfer completely.

Sublimation Flip Flop Heat Pressing Process

With the proper heat and pressure settings the sublimation transfer is pressed directly onto the sublimation blank. During this process, the ink transforms from a solid to a gas, solidifying again and fusing within the blank’s fibers, resulting in durable print that will not fade or crack over time.

Installation Of Flip Flop Straps

To install the flip flop straps or thongs simply insert the Flip Flop Strap Assembly Tool into the sole openings of the sublimated flip flop. Attach the strap/thong onto the end of the assembly tool and pull the strap/thong through the base of the flip flop. Make sure to correctly line up the straps/thongs with the ribbed side displayed. Repeat this process until all three straps/thongs have been installed. Replicate this method for the second sublimated flip flop.

Want To Customize Flip Flops With Sublimation Printing?

We make it simple in our step-by-step tutorial.  

  1. Create your art to a size larger than the surface of the blank flip flop frame.
  2. Set up the design in Print Manager. 

3. Print the art using the Sawgrass SG1000 Printer and the Tex Print Sublimation Paper. 

4. Lay down a finishing sheet onto the platen of your heat press.

5. Place the flip flops onto the finishing sheet white side up. 

6. Place the transfer onto the top of the blank flip flops design side down. 

7. Place the second finishing sheet on the top of the transfer sheet. 

8. Press on a light pressure at 375 degrees for 45 seconds. 

9. When pressing is complete, immediately remove the parchment paper and lift the transfer sheet straight up to prevent ghosting. 

10. Use your strap assembly tool to insert the flip flop straps into the now sublimated flip flops.

11. Once inserted, the flip flops are complete!