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Premium Graphics and Digitizing = Premium Results

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Experienced Experts hand drawing your art

Decades of experience have shown that no auto-digitizing or vector program is as good as a seasoned expert.

Every design is drawn and digitized by hand by printing and embroidery.

It's not just about the art, but how it will perform on your equipment.


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What we can do

Embroidery Digitizing

Every order is hand digitized, sewn and scanned into our system. Production ready art that can be approved by your customers before you even turn on the machine.

Digital Printing Art

DTG, white toner printing, sublimination, UV and all your digital printing needs. Your art is created with your printer in mind. It is the best ready-to-print files you can get.

Cut-Ready Vector Art

Producing "cut-ready" or "print & cut ready" files requires advanced skills. Your art is in good hands so you can easily go from design to production.

Rhinestone and Spangle Bling Art

Bling designing is a unique skill. Our team knows how to create art that will really help your bling machines shine.

Designs for your ColDesi equipment

Production ready art that works perfectly with your commercial decorating equipment



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...and so much more.

Why choose us?


Equipment experts

Coldesi offers a wide variety of machines for customizing anything. Being an expert on equipment, means you need to be an expert in graphics too. Our most successful customers always have great graphics.


Training and support

Part of the Coldesi training and support for equipment is understanding that great graphics create great results and bad graphics create bad results. If you got great art, our team can help you create the best finished results.



Not sure where to start? Don't have any graphics experience? Just have our team create a production-ready design for your equipment. Do what you do best, leave the graphics to the experts.


See the difference

Cheap digitizing is bad for business. Not only does the finished product look bad, but its bad for the machine. This means more thread breaks, more broken needles and time wasted.

See this video for a perfect example.

This is also true for printing and cutting as well. A bad design means wasted ink, toner, and time.

We can help you if...

You have no clue where to start.

You are completely new to this and have no graphic design experience.

You are a growing business.

You want to expand your services and need a reliable graphics source.

You've had unsatisfactory results.

You have previously worked with graphic artists/digitizers and dealt with poor quality art and unhappy customers.

You need large quantities.

Whether it is 1 graphic or 1000 graphics a month, we can get it delivered to you hassle-free.

Get an inside look

Discover our day-to-day functions and learn why you should trust our expertise.

Good digitizing vs. Bad digitizing

Why great graphics are so important

What our customers say

5 stars

"I had no clue how bad my digitizing was before until I used this service. I go from file to production every time. No thread breaks, no issues. This is a HUGE time and headache saver"

5 stars

"Whenever I order from you guys, I get perfect results. Thanks again."

5 stars

"I've wasted so much time on 'cheap' graphics services and freelance sites. The level of quality here is top-notch 100% of the time.

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