Top 10 Questions About Sawgrass Sublimation

Have you been researching sublimation? Or maybe this is your first time coming across sublimation?

Whichever point you are at in your journey, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions we get about our line of Sawgrass Sublimation to help you on your path to achieving your dreams! 

1. What is Sublimation?

So, before we get into sublimation and all of the amazing things you can make with it, you’ll need to know what sublimation actually is.

The technical definition of sublimation printing is the process of transferring designs or artwork to a substrate. This is done by taking a solid to a gas state without passing through the liquid state.

This process includes using specialty inks, paper, and blanks that you can read more details about later on.

2. What Can I Customize with Sublimation?

Now that you know a little bit about what sublimation is, you may be wondering what you can actually create for your business using the Sawgrass Sublimation printers. For the most part, your creativity is the only limit for what you can make using sublimation and here is just a short list of those items:

An important tip to keep in mind when choosing what you’re going to create using sublimation is that you do need specialty blanks which leads us into our next question…

3. Do I Need Specific Blanks for Sublimation?

While all of the blanks listed above are great for sublimation, you can’t use just any version of them.

For fabric items such as t-shirts and tote bags, they will need to be 100% polyester and white or light colors only.

For hard surface items such as mugs and ornaments, they will need to be sublimation certified or specialty coated for sublimation.

Although having to use specific blanks for sublimation may seem intimidating, you can find tons of them on Colman and Company, and we have tons of videos on how to use them as well.

4. Can I Sublimate on Dark Fabrics?

We have previously stated that we recommend only sublimating on white or light-colored garments. The short answer to this question is no, you should not sublimate on dark colored fabrics or substrates.

Although you may find information out there that gives you ways around sublimating on dark fabrics, for the most vibrancy and highest quality to your design or artwork we still suggest only using white or light fabrics.

One of our favorite brands of sublimation certified apparel is Vapor Apparel.

5. What is the Max Print Size for the Sawgrass SG500 and the Sawgrass SG1000?

So now that we’ve discussed what sublimation is and what blanks to use for sublimations, let’s talk about Sawgrass Printers specifically.

Both the Sawgrass SG500 and the Sawgrass SG1000 printers have their own benefits, including the printing size they both allow. The max printing sizes are:

Sawgrass SG500 – 8 ½ x 14 inches

Sawgrass SG1000 – 11 x 17 inches OR with the add on purchase of a bypass tray your printing size can increase to 13 x 19 inches

The difference in sizes between the Sawgrass Sublimation printers is a large factor when it comes to deciding which printer best fits your business needs.

If you are planning on only doing smaller items such as mugs, koozies, or ornaments, it may be best for you to get the Sawgrass SG500.

On the other hand, if you are planning on doing larger items such as tote bags, it may be in your business’ best interest to purchase the Sawgrass SG1000 for a larger print size and the option to increase that size to even more with the add on bypass tray.  

You can find the sublimation paper we use, Beaver TexPrint in many sizes to suit your needs. 

6. What Software Comes with the Sawgrass Sublimation Printers?

Before you can even think about printing, you have to have software!

Our Sawgrass Sublimation printers come with Print Manager Software. This software is great for businesses new to sublimation because it’s as simple as loading in your artwork, adjusting settings, and hitting print!

While software is usually an intimidating aspect to new machines and printers, we have support available to our customers and training provided with our printers, making the learning curve of software stress free.

7. What are the Advantages of a Sawgrass Printer over a Converted Sublimation Printer?

After learning about sublimation printers and during the process of deciding if sublimation is for you, you may come across the option of using a converted sublimation printer.

A converted sublimation printer is an ink jet printer that can be converted into a sublimation printer by exchanging the traditional ink with sublimation ink. Since these printers are not sublimation specific, there are many issues you may come across when using it.

While you may find that using a converted sublimation printer could save you a little bit of money, it can also bring you many challenges in your printing process and can affect your final process. Some of the possible issues you can face are:

With that being said, there are many advantages to purchasing a Sawgrass Sublimation printer such as:

8. What do I Need to Start a Sawgrass Sublimation Business?

Now that we’ve covered some different options for Sublimation printers and you’ve decided what is the best fit for your business, it’s time to begin planning how to start or add sublimation to your business!

A great way to start is by going through this short checklist of things you will need to start a sublimation business:

All of these supplies that you’ll need to start sublimating, and much more can be found on Colman and Company.

You can find more information on what you need to start a sublimation business here.

9. What do our Sawgrass Sublimation Packages come with?

Continuing with the items you’ll need to start a sublimation business, some of the items listed above will come with your Sawgrass sublimation package.

So, what else comes with it? The items included will vary based on which package you choose but all packages come with:

To learn about the individual packages, you can choose from with Sawgrass Sublimation visit ColDesi.

10. How Do I Finance?

So, are you ready to upgrade your business with a Sawgrass Sublimation Printer? Then, let’s talk about financing.

To purchase a printer you can use cash, credit card, or wire transfer to do so. However, we do also offer financing through Adia Capital.

To apply for financing go to Adia Capital and fill out an application. You can expect a quick turnaround time of about 4-5 business hours.

If you would like help filling out your application, we have plenty of help available to walk you through every step of the way.

Hopefully we were able to help you with your decision on choosing Sawgrass Sublimation to upgrade your business. If you have more questions, live chat with us or give us a call (855) 348-4839.