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How to Sublimate a Shirt

Sublimation is one of the most popular ways to quickly and affordably decorate custom apparel. Traditionally it has been used to put photos and graphics …

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Heat Press

Heat Press Machines | What You Need to Know

Looking for the right heat press? We explain the different types of heat presses and what you need based on decorating method.

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dye sublimation printer

The Best Shirts for Sublimation / Vapor Apparel

The Vapor fabrics vary from athletic Micro-Fiber to cotton-like feel and are flexible enough to be worn as a base layer in the winter or to keep you dry and cool in the summer.

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HTV Size Chart for Logos

When placing logos on t-shirts, long sleeves, shorts and pants there are a few things to keep in mind. Size and placement will make a huge difference in …

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Sublimation Mugs

Sublimation Mug Blanks [Best Options]

What Can You Do with Sublimation Mug Blanks? Sublimation mug blanks are extremely popular in the customization business. Everyone loves a nice mug! They are …

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Transfer Paper

Forever Transfer Paper

Say goodbye to weeding and hello to an easier transfer process with Forever Laser Dark (Low-Temp) Transfer Paper. Designed to produce high-quality full color graphics …

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Vapor Apparel

https://vimeo.com/546589633 We are happy to announce the addition of Vapor apparel to our collection of wholesale blanks on our supply division website, Colman and Company.  Vapor apparel is an industry leader of high-performance sun …

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Sublimation Mugs

Sublimation Coffee Mugs | What and How

What is a Sublimation Coffee Mug, and How do I Customize it? Sublimation coffee mugs are specialized mugs that are designed for printing and customizing. …

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Sublimation Mugs

Best Selling Sublimation Mugs

In this article you will learn about the best selling sublimation mugs.

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Roll Cutter

Automatic Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Learn what is automatic roll to sheet cutting machine and what to consider when buying it.

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htv vinyl

Make Your Own Coasters | Triton Vinyl on Cork

Custom coasters are a great gift item and the best part about selling them is the opportunity to offer them in sets.

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Roll Cutter

Roll Cutting Machines and Options

Planning to get a roll cutting machine? Read this article and learn about the roll cutting machines and options.

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