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What is Heat Transfer T Shirt Vinyl?

You are looking into the Cut n Press Custom T Shirt System, but what exactly are you making t shirt with? Let’s break it down into the materials and how they work, then you are beginning to truly understand how this system works. How

Can your cutter make rhinestone templates?

Will the Brush n Bake work with your cutting plotter? Let’s find out! HOT FIX STONE ERA outputs to many equipment brands and models. Here is how to can test it. Option 1: RSM-CUT-61 Download, install and run the following testing software: Test Program If

How to do 3d puff / puffy embroidery

How to do 3d puff / puffy embroidery What is puffy foam or 3D embroidery? This is the embroidery where a piece of the art or lettering puffs out above the rest. You will usually see this type of embroidery on baseball caps, sports