Digital Heat FX Systems

Digital HeatFX™ is an exclusive system for producing great looking transfers on thousands of different garments and items. The magic of the system is the exclusive paper which is printed in vibrant high-quality color using the OKI Pro8432WT, white toner printer.

Bundled together with the incredible Hotronix® line of heat presses and the best expertise in the industry. The Digital Heat FX™ brand is allowing designers to express their creativity while making more money in transfers than ever before!

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OKI Pro8432WT Toner Printer
Digital HeatFX Basic Bundle
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Digital HeatFX Essential Bundle
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Digital HeatFX Professional Bundle
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DFX Print n Bling Bundle
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DFX Cut n Press 24 Bundle
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DFX Support and Success Kit
Digital HeatFX Demo - Shirt | 0:0
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Digital HeatFX Printing on Anything | 1:00
Promotional Products With Digital HeatFX | 1:00
Youth Sports Apparel | 1:00
Using A Digital HeatFX for Handkerchiefs | ow to Create Custom Handkerchief Gift:
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