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image showing how to sew a patch on a cap
Caps & Hats

How to Sew a Patch on a Baseball Cap or Knit cap – The Easy Way

When you sew a patch on a knit cap or a baseball cap, most people think they must pull out their sewing machine and literally …

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Adjusting the White Underbase -Print Optimizer

Tweaking White Underbase Settings for Better Performance When you are using the Digital HeatFX Print Optimizer software, there are several different options to choose from …

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Best HTV

Real Time: Starting Your Own Heat Transfer Business

Starting a heat transfer business is a great way to make more money on the side.  -It can also be a great first step towards …

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Embroidery Supplies & More

Shoe Embroidery Hooping Made Easy

The Embroidery Grip is the most advanced embroidery hoop available. Easy load, Clean embroidery. There’s an old-time saying in the embroidery world. If I can …

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image of lady upselling her t-shirt customers
Business Ideas

How to Add $$ to Every Sale | Rules for Upselling

What if you need to increase your sales and your profit margins, but don’t know how to go about it? What do you do? There’s …

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Embroidery Supplies & More

Announcing the “Embroidery Grip” for Universal Embroidery Hooping

Tampa, Florida 09/04/2018 – Colman & Company today announced the release of their brand-new hooping device for commercial AND consumer embroidery machines.  The device, which is …

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Bride Shirts

What is a Spangle?

One of the most common questions we get when people are looking at our SpangleElite product is “What IS a spangle?” Most people have not heard of this technology …

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Best HTV

How to Cut Small Vinyl Letters – Triton Vinyl Small Vinyl Letters Tips and Tricks

How to Cut Small Vinyl Letters | Triton Vinyl Small Vinyl Letters Tips and Tricks If you use vinyl in your apparel decorating business or …

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How to access GIMP and Training with Print Optimizer

If you are a new owner of the Digital Heat FX Print Optimizer then you may be starting off with the two most common questions.  …

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Business Ideas

New Shipping Options! Faster and Saves you money

New USPS Shipping Options! Faster and saves you money… Your Success Helping you succeed with your business and achieve your dreams is always on the …

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htv vinyl

How to Make Custom T-Shirts for your Warehouse Crew

How to Make Custom T-Shirts for Your Warehouse Team If Your Team Moves And Stretches Like Ours Does, They Need Comfortable, Durable T-Shirts Recently, I …

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Best HTV

How to make custom Memorial Day T-Shirts with a Cutter and White Toner Printer

Creating custom t-shirts is one of many American traditions. We love to honor, remember and show our pride with custom apparel. If you are considering …

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