ALL-IN-1 Hooper
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Part #: ALL-IN-1_Hooper
ALL-IN-1 Hooper
    ALL-IN-1 Hooper
    Part #: ALL-IN-1_Hooper

    ALL-IN-1 Hooper

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    The Ultimate Hooping Tool!

    Perfect placement every time. There are two challenges you face with embroidery. One is determining where to place the hoop, and the other is making sure every garment has the same placement. The All in One Hooper was invented to help you erase these frustrations. This is the only tool in the world that helps you hoop nearly anything you will embroider, from baby clothes to XXL jackets. The All in One Hooper is amazing and that is why it is one of the most popular tools in the embroidery industry.

    5 boards embedded into 1 device. Adults, Juniors, Toddlers, Infants & Sleeve-Board that all collapse independently to adjust to the size needed.

    Warranty: One year, Parts and Labor.

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    The All-in-1-Hooper is the only device in the industry that works with every garment & hoop size without having to purchase additional attachments.
    Weight: Under 30 pounds

    Dimensions: 16" Wide X 16" Deep X 19" Height
    Dimensions, when 'adult' frame is folded backwards:
    16" W X 26" D X 19" H
    Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor

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