ALL-IN-1 Hooper
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Part #: ALL-IN-1_Hooper
ALL-IN-1 Hooper
    ALL-IN-1 Hooper
    Part #: ALL-IN-1_Hooper

    ALL-IN-1 Hooper

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    The Ultimate Hooping Tool!

    5 boards embedded into 1 device. Adults, Juniors, Toddlers, Infants & Sleeve-Board that all collapse independently to adjust to the size needed.

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    The All-in-1-Hooper is the only device in the industry that works with every garment & hoop size without having to purchase additional attachments.

    Weight: Under 30 pounds

    Dimensions: 16" Wide X 16" Deep X 19" Height
    Dimensions, when 'adult' frame is folded backwards:
    16" W X 26" D X 19" H


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    This device was worth the investment. I wasn't sure if we 'needed' this when I first saw it, but after watching the demo I was pretty sold. Once we were used to using all of the parts, it is great. Good product.
    Dwayne G.
    Alright, so whatever be the size, whatever be the material, the adjustable mechanisms that this hooper offers is the f word amazing! Simple to use and weighing just perfect to offer the best portability options. cool designs made. At first I hesitated in buying this set but it was one of the best decisions made for me. I could find a huge variety and just by using some basic Corel Draw tools I was able to create amazingly good looking designs
    Its great
    I was intimidated at first, there are probably 250 adjustments you can make with this unit. However, once i watched the videos i realized how easy it is to use. Love it. Best deal on a hooping device compared to spending 2x as much on others out there.
    New Colman Favorite
    The best word I can use to describe the All-in-1 Hooper is "Surprising"! We were all surprised at how easy it was to figure out how to use, surprised at how useful it is when doing repetitive work, how simple it is to switch from child to adult to sleeve, and lastly how cost effective it is vs. the competition!
    Mark Stephenson