How to Customize Holographic Mylar Bags | DigitalHeat FX 8432

Packaging is extremely important in any products promotion and sale and is considered the first consumer “touch” of a company. Mylar bags are one of the most popular customized products, providing businesses the opportunity to professionally advertise their brand. Custom Holographic Mylar bags stand out as one of the hottest trends in the retail market.  The holographic material adds an eye-catching finish to create a lasting impression with customers.  

How are Holographic Mylar Bags Different?

A Holographic Mylar bag stands out from the regular run-of-the-mill Mylar bag, with dramatic fluorescent rainbow effects that give the bag an almost three-dimensional look. Holographic Mylar bags sparkle and shine and when customized can make logos and design pop.  

How to Customize Hologram Mylar Bags

Customizing Holographic Mylar bags utilizes the same techniques as ordinary Mylar bags. However, design/layout can differ.  

If the design was created to cover the entire Mylar bag, the holographic layer will not show through. To truly take advantage of the holographic material a design will need negative space. Creating a design that only partially covers the Mylar bag will allow the holographic film to be displayed.  

Custom Holographic Mylar Bags

Watch our video below to learn how to customize Holographic Mylar Bags and start producing unique standout promotional packaging.

Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Customize Holographic Mylar Bags Using DigitalHeat FX

Items Needed (click to buy supplies):  

1. Set up the designs in the Print Optimizer software.

2. Print the designs onto the A Sheet of the Forever Paper using the DigitalHeat FX 8432 Printer.

3. Marry the A sheet and the B sheet together using 310 degrees for 120 seconds and be sure to cover with a finishing sheet.

4. Use scissors or a rotary trimmer to cut your transfers and trim down the edges.

5. Prep the bags by using heat tape to secure the transfers onto each bag.

6. Press the bags for 10 seconds at 200 degrees with a medium pressure with a parchment finishing sheet on top. *Remember you can press multiple bags at a time*

7. After the press, let the bags cool before peeling.

8. Peel the transfer off of the bag using a rolling motion. 

9. Either leave your bag as is with a shiny finish or press again for about 10 seconds for a matte finish. 

10. This was just one way to customize Mylar bags for other techniques check out, 3 Ways to Make Custom Mylar Bags with DigitalHeat FX. 



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