Top 10 Questions About Avancé Embroidery Machines 

Starting an embroidery business can be intimidating when it comes to choosing the right machine, finding machines in your price range, and being sure that you will make a good return on your investment (ROI).

When choosing an embroidery machine, of course you want to choose one that fits your needs and with that there are many specifications that your machine may need such as needle count, a large sewing field, or the speed that it can embroider.

With that, we have compiled a list of the top ten most common questions we get about the Avancé Embroidery Machines. 

1. What are the differences between the Avance 1501C and the 1201C machine?

While the Avancé 1501C and 1201C are both exceptional embroidery machines and have many similarities, there are some pretty big differences as well.  

One of the biggest differences between the two machines is the needle count. The Avancé 1501C has 15 needles that allow you to embroider 15 thread colors at a time which makes this machine time efficient due to the rare occasion that you will need to exchange thread colors in the middle of a design. The Avancé 1201C has 12 needles which will still provide you with a time efficient sew out as compared to other machines that have only five or one needle. 

A benefit of the 1501C is the large sewing field measuring 14in. by 22 in. which allows you to sew on items such as large purses, jacket backs, blankets, and more. On the other hand, the 1201C consists of a sewing field measuring 8 ½ in. by 14 in. When choosing a machine, it is important to keep in mind what products you will be embroidering on. An embroidered hat shop may require less of a sewing field than a shop that will be sewing on larger items such as the ones listed above.  

Although both machines are quick and timely, there is a slight difference in the stitch speeds which you may find important. The 1501C stitches at about 1200 stitches per minute while the 1201C will stitch approximately 1000 stitches per minute. 

2. What is included in the Avance embroidery packages?

So now that you know a little about the machines, you may be wondering what comes with them. As well as the machine, the Avancé packages come with everything you will need to start embroidering. Some of those essentials include:  

Although both machines are quick and timely, there is a slight difference in the stitch speeds which you may find important. The 1501C stitches at about 1200 stitches per minute while the 1201C will stitch approximately 1000 stitches per minute. 

3. What types of hoops can be used with Avancé Embroidery machines?

Although you now know that when you get your machine it includes plenty of hoops to get started, some projects may need other options. Check out some of the other hoop options that you can utilize on each machine: 

  1. Embroidery Grip (used for shoes, floppy hats, etc.)
  2. Specialty Hoop Used for dog collars, belts, etc. 

4. What types of threads can be used with the Avancé Embroidery Machines?

Our machines come pre-threaded with Royal Thread, which is a brand that we highly recommend for our machines. 

Although we recommend Royal Thread, any 30 to 40 weight thread can be used on the Avancé Embroidery machines. You can find many different brand options and colors on Colman and Company. 

5. What File Types Do the Avancé Embroidery Machines Accept?

So now, how does your machine know what to do with that thread? When creating art for embroidery it can be difficult at times to figure out what file type to export as. While some embroidery machines will take files such as .pes, or .exp, our machines take the universal digitized file type. 

Both the Avancé 1501C and 1201C machines accept .DST (Digital Stitch File) files.  

With there being many digitizing softwares out there to choose from, many do offer the ability to export your file as a DST file. If you are having trouble choosing software or struggling to digitize in general, ColDesi offers a digitizing package that provides you with the software and training that you may need.

Keep in mind, when you are first setting up and figuring out your machine, it will be a lot to learn how to digitize at the same time. Don’t be afraid to outsource! There are a couple options when it comes to outsourcing digitizing such as: 

ColDesi Graphics provides our customers with high quality custom digitizing in no time. (You do not have to have a machine yet to order digitizing). 

While it can be risky due to bad digitizing, to get started you can purchase already digitized art online but keep in mind, bad digitizing can cause many problems such as thread breaks, needle breaks, and machine errors.

6. What is Digitizing?

You may still be wondering “What actually is digitizing?”. Before you begin digitizing it is important to know exactly what digitizing is. While it may be a foreign term to some people, here is the simple explanation.

Digitizing is the process of turning a digital art into a file that an embroidery machine can read. This includes using a software that allows you to put in each individual stitch, thread cut, and needle positioning that the design will need. Before putting your digitized files onto your machine be sure that your designs are of high quality because using poor quality digitizing on your machine will cause many problems that can be avoided. 

7. What are the biggest challenges new embroiderers face?

While most people would assume that figuring out how to use the Avancé Embroidery Machines would be the biggest challenge it’s actually not! Most new embroiderers come across problems when they attempt to learn the machine and digitizing at the same time.

We recommend taking on one task at a time, either learn digitizing first or outsource designs before learning your machine. It is very important that those files are good quality because then, with those files, you can begin learning your machine. 

Tip: Your Avancé Machine will come with 4,000 preloaded designs to test with as well.

If you go right into digitizing and learning your machine at the same time you can run into problems where you won’t be able to identify the problem because it could be a number of things.  

When you separate the two tasks of digitizing and machine set up, you will be able to identify if problems are machine related or digitizing related. 

8. How Do You Transfer Designs to the Avancé Embroidery Machines?

The Avancé Machines come with multiple options for importing designs to the machines so you can choose which one best fits your needs. 

Both the Avancé 1501C and 1201C include two USB Ports that allow you to import your files using a flash drive or an external storage device, They both also have Wi-Fi-compatibility.

The machines being Wi-Fi-compatible allows you to send files between a device and your machine as long as they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi Router.  

9. What Can You Embroider with Avancé Embroidery Machines?

When it comes to what you can embroider with the Avancé Embroidery Machines, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Basically, anything that can be hooped whether it’s with a traditional embroidery hoop or a specialty hoop, can be embroidered using our machines. 

Here are just a few items you can embroider using the Avancé machines:  

10. How Do I Finance?

Applying for financing may seem difficult but with the help of our financing partner, Adia Capital, and the help of our team it’s a breeze! 

You can apply for financing by filling out a quick application at and fill in your general information. You can also contact us to help walk you through the application by calling us (855)-348-4839. 

Starting a new business can be intimidating. 

Hopefully now that we’ve answered some of your top questions you feel more comfortable with the Avancé Embroidery Machines and have a better understanding of how amazing these machines truly are.

If you have any more questions about embroidery or are ready to take that next step to achieving your dreams, live chat with us or give us a call at (855)-348-4839