FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Member's Rewards Program?

The Member's Rewards Program is a unique way that Colman and Company can show their appreciation for your purchase. We give you money back into your C&C account in the form of "points", which you can use to pay for future orders. You earn Reward Points for purchasing products and paying with your credit card. The Reward Points do not expire and you can use them on every order or let them grow to reach your own personal goal. It starts automatically when you create an account and, better yet, we do all the work. Colman and Co does limit supply rewards to certain products, promotions and pricing groups. Excludes paper savers club, bundled packaged deals & financed products

How does FREE SHIPPING Work?

Free shipping applies to orders over $200 (AFTER coupons or deals are applied). In other words, your total amount due must be over $200. For items under 10lbs, going to residential the Free Shipping method shown to you will most likely be SurePost by UPS. In this method, the package is picked up and tracked by UPS, but the final delivery is done by your local USPS facility. You may upgrade to UPS ground in checkout. All other packages are shipped UPS ground.(There is a separate shipping fee for all apparel / blanks as it ships from a separate warehouse than supplies. Apparel / blanks have free shipping over $250.) Apparel / blanks must be over $250 and Supplies must be over $200 (these are not cumulative totals) Some restrictions will apply to free shipping on a product by product basis. Colman and Co. reserves the right to change this free shipping policy in total or per product without specific warning. There is no guaranteed delivery time for free shipping. During checkout there will be notifications of approximate delivery dates (which are generally very accurate), however not guaranteed dates. Choose paid expedited shipping for a guaranteed date (e.g. Next Day Air). Expedited shipping is not free. This only includes continental US States (48 states except AK and HI). Free shipping does not apply outside the US or other territories of the US. Some items are excluded from Free Shipping, these items will list shipping costs/details in the product description.

Why am I having trouble registering my account?

You may already have an account with us. Try to enter your email address in the Log-in field on that same page. Our site will not allow someone to setup an account if there is a current account with the same email address.

How is the shipping cost calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated by weight, size of items and number of packages. Method of shipment will also determine final cost of shipping. Lastly, your shipping address will have a large influence on the cost as well as the shipping options offered by UPS

What does "Shipping to be determined" mean?

Our shipping costs are calculated because our website is connected to the UPS Rate Tables. This is a live connection. Occassionally, this connection may experience an issue resulting in no shipping choices being displayed. When you see 'Shipping to be determined', that is proof of this disconnection. We reserve the right to contact any customer and collect any additional shipping funds, if needed.

What is your return policy?

At Colman & Company, Inc., we understand that sometimes products need to be returned. We strive to keep costs low and ask that customers be extra certain of what they wish to order. All of our products are assembled and may vary slightly from the photographs on the website. In the case of wishing to substitute one product for another, after the returned product is deemed unused and re-sellable, we will work out the product exchange and add/subtract any needed monies from the original sale. Shipping charges for exchanges are paid by the customer. A restocking fee of 30% will apply if re-sellable products are returned solely with no requested exchange. All returns requested to be credited back to your credit card, are subject to our 30% restocking fee. Returns that are credited back to your C&C online account, are subject to a 20% restocking fee. No substituting or returning of products will be allowed after 10 days have passed from the time of purchase. NO software, if opened, will be accepted as a return - no exceptions. SHIPPING charges cannot be refunded.

What is your return policy for products purchased through QUICKSPARK financing?

When a purchase is made through Quickspark, the return policy for Colman & Co does not apply. Quickspark has a non-returnable clause. Colman & Co cannot accept items if returned since the legally binding agreement is between Quickspark and the customer, not Colman & Co. Please consult legal counsel if you have any questions about Quickspark before processing your application.

What happens if a product arrives damaged?

UPS does their best to handle each package shipped from Colman and Company with the utmost care. In rare situations products can incur damage during transit.

Product with damage should be reported to our team. Damaged products do not qualify for a full replacement to be shipped out, as often a large portion of the product is still usable.

Should you receive an order that has incurred damaged during transit, please provide photo evidence of the damage, part numbers, and quantities of the damaged products to customerservice@colmanandcompany.com and our team will apply the appropriate credit to your account.

What do you do for defective products?

If a product is deemed defective or faulty, we will replace that product and ship out on our dime. Our responsibility is limited to the replacement of said product and shipping only. We cannot compensate customers for any lost business or residual effects from the use of a faulty or defective product. Shipping methods will also be limited to what can be considered a fair deal for both the customer and Colman & Co.

Do you offer a printed catalog/brochure?

No, we do not. Due to quick additions of products and possible price changes, our website will always serve as our 'best' catalog since it can be updated more often. You may also feel free to contact our customer service representatives at 1.800.891.1094.

What are my payment options?

Colman & Company accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. We also allow PayPal transactions using your current PayPal account. Additionally on PayPal, you can also use the four major credit cards to pay for your purchases. See below for international orders.

How should International orders be paid?

All orders leaving the United States must be paid in full via Wire Transfer without exception. If you are outside the United States and would like to place an order, please contact our team at 800-891-1094 or customerservice@colmanandcompany.com and we will provide you with a quote and our wire transfer information.

Why is my credit card being refused due to an Address Verification System (AVS) error?

Please be certain that the address associated with the credit card you are using is properly displayed in the "Bill-To" information column. This information can be checked on the second page of the Shopping Basket. Oftentimes, if your card is declined due to an AVS issue, the card will have a 'Hold' placed upon the card in the amount of the intended purchase. This is NOT a sale, but a Hold that will expire automatically after 3-5 days. Your bank policy dictates the length of Hold time. Each time you attempt to use your card, without the correct Bill-To address, another Hold will result. After too many Holds your card could be over-extended, rendering the card useless. This service is for your financial protection as well as ours.

Who will have access to my account information?

When you create an account at Colman & Company, you will provide a password which will restrict access to your account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account ID and for restricting access on your computer. You also agree to accept responsibility for all activity that may occur under your account ID and password.

Can I combine coupons and specials?

Generally speaking, No. Some specials can be combined with coupon codes when applicable, but coupon codes can never be combined.

Why am I paying tax for an online purchase if I represent a business?

Colman & Company is required to charge sales tax on all transactions in Florida and Texas. If your company is located in Florida or Texas and is tax exempt, please follow the steps for your state to prevent sales tax from being applied to future purchases.

Please note: Orders processed prior to Colman & Company receiving and processing your tax documents will be charged sales tax. We cannot refund sales tax you have already paid, even if you are exempt. You must file with your state to receive a refund.

Florida businesses: Please email your SIGNED current year’s "Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax" (form DR-13) to us for our records. We also must receive the updated copy each subsequent year. Please email to customerservice@colmanandcompany.com and include the email address associated with your Colmanandcompany.com account. Learn more and download this form from the Florida Department of Revenue website at https://floridarevenue.com/taxes/taxesfees/pages/annual_resale_certificate_sut.aspx.

Texas businesses: Please email both of the following documents to customerservice@colmanandcompany.com and include the email address associated with your Colmanandcompany.com account :

Learn more and download these forms from the Texas Comptroller’s website here: https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/sales/forms/.

Why am I paying tax for some items if I am a tax-exempt Florida business?

Colman & Company charges sales tax on all products that become assets to your business. Examples are: Needles, Hoops, Heat Presses, Scissors, Cutter/Plotter, Teflon wraps, etc. If the item is not sold to your customers but is instead used in your business, you must pay sales tax on that item. The Florida Resale Certificate does not exempt this tax.

How will my order be shipped?

Colman & Company has chosen UPS as our shipping provider. The customer can choose their preferred speed of shipment: Ground, 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air Saver, Next Day Air, or Next Day Air Early A.M. (shipping choices depend entirely upon your Zip Code) Supply orders going UPS cannot be shipped to a PO Box. We also ship via USPS via 'Priority' shipping. Supply orders using USPS can use a P.O. Box address. All aerosol sprays MUST be shipped Ground.

The day you place your order is NOT the day that counts as the first day of travel. Even though UPS receives your package, the first day of travel is the next business day. UPS does not guarantee a specific time frame for Ground shipments, so there is no return of shipping charges for late Ground packages. Orders placed before 4:00pm EST will be processed that same day. Orders placed after 4:00pm EST, will be processed the following business day. We are located in Tampa & Clearwater, FLORIDA.

Do you offer guaranteed delivery times? What if my order is delayed or late?

Our goal is to get your order delivered to you quickly and accurately. Generally speaking we ship orders the same or next day Monday - Friday. Once it reaches the shipping carrier (e.g. UPS) we cannot guarantee their performance. Delayed packages do not extend refunded or discounted shipping rates. Since 2020 shipping carriers have been experiencing delays frequently and we have had many packages delayed where the carrier will not offer us a discount or a refund. Shipping times quoted by our staff or website are only estimates and do not offer any guarantees of delivery time or refunds of shipping if delayed.

Note about SurePost: SurePost is one of our most economical ways of shipping your product. This is a service where UPS takes the package from us and delivers it to your local USPS hub. USPS then takes over and delivers it to your door. Once the item is passed off to USPS, UPS can no longer estimate how long it will take USPS to deliver this to your door. If items in your order are time sensitive we recommend you choose UPS Ground or faster as your delivery method, and not choose SurePost. Delayed packages from SurePost do not receive shipping refunds.

If you have any questions about shipping please contact our team. Giving you great service, products and delivery is very important to us, but we are unable to control the performance of shipping carriers.

Why will you ship my order to my BILLING address, but not my SHIPPING address?

Colman & Company reserves the right to choose which address to ship to. Our entire premise is to protect the products and services we provide. Please understand there are some folks who spend their day trying to scam other people and businesses. They place fraudulent orders with credit cards that do not belong to them. This type of activity is criminal and we will do all in our power to prevent such activity. If an order is placed and we choose to ship ONLY to the BILLING address, we will reach out to the customer first for shipping approval. If the order is legitimate, we feel the change to the shipping address should not be an issue. However, the customer reserves the right to cancel the order if they do not feel such action is warranted. The charge will be refunded at 100%. We hope everyone understands this is to protect both ourselves and the buyer.

Can you ship to my APO address?

Colman & Company is thankful to serve the special women and men who serve our great country. We are located less than a half-mile from MacDill Air Force Base and interact with soldiers on a daily basis. Shipping your packages will need to go through the United States Postal Service(USPS), not the United Parcel Service(UPS). Until such time that our website can feature USPS as a shipping solution, please choose the 'Customer Pickup / No Shipping' option. Once we pull the products and weigh the package, we will bring your order to USPS. Your shipping charge will be taken care of, proudly, by Colman & Company. Be safe.

What about SATURDAY delivery?

On a Friday, if you choose any one of the Next Day Air options available to your address, the package will be scheduled for the next business day delivery. This could be Monday or Tuesday, if Monday is a recognized holiday. The only way to get Saturday delivery is to call us to set that up. This will involve the cost of Next Day Air Early AM delivery, plus an additional $15-25 for the added Saturday fee. We will also have to double-check with our shipping software to make sure your address will allow for Saturday delivery.

When 'Poor Weather' and/or 'Mechanical Failure' affects my UPS delivery?

Colman & Company cannot predict the weather any better than anyone else. That includes UPS. UPS will do the best they can to deliver your package, but SAFETY is their highest priority. When 'Poor Weather' prevents a safe delivery, there is nothing anyone can do until the weather clears. UPS will not refund any shipping charges, so Colman & Co. cannot refund any shipping charges either. The same is true if a 'Mechanical Failure' is the resaon for your package delay. It is one of the unfortunate realities of the delivery process.

How do I redeem rewards for free items?

When redeeming points for a free product, be sure to add the product to your cart. The coupon will then deduct the cost so you will get that product at no charge. Redeeming the coupon will not put the product in your cart for you automatically.

Can I be refunded sales tax if I submit my tax documents after the transacton?

No, once sales tax is collected it is final on that transaction. If you see you are being charged sales tax and shouldn't be, contact our customer service team to set up your account as tax exempt. If you paid sales tax and have a tax exempt status, provide that information to your tax professional so they can advise accordingly.

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