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What Are The Most Popular Shirts for Decorating?

What Are The Most Popular Shirts for Decorating? https://vimeo.com/679258370 Do you own a custom clothing company? Or… you’re looking to start one? No matter at …

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How to Sublimate 15oz Mugs with the Galaxy Mug Press  

https://vimeo.com/672416495 The Galaxy Mug Press is a great, affordable option to customize 11oz and 15oz mugs without having to change the heating element.   Below we’ve …

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Embroidery Tips

4 Most Common Embroidery Mistakes

4 Most Common Embroidery Mistakes How did it all go wrong? You’ve followed the advice of other embroiderers and followed the instructions as closely as …

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How to Make Custom Patches

How to Make Custom Patches Police officers, firefighters, EMT and military, all have one thing in common. They ALL wear patches on their daily uniforms! …

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How to Sublimate Rock Photo Slates

Photo Slates are a great way to display special memories like anniversaries or graduations in an elegant way.   We offer photo slates that feature chiseled edges, …

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heat transfer vinyl mistakes
htv vinyl

How to Avoid THESE 4 Common Heat Transfer Vinyl Mistakes

How to Avoid THESE 4 Common Heat Transfer Vinyl Mistakes Listen, heat transfer vinyl mistakes happen all the time… they happen to beginners, enthusiasts, and …

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Business Ideas

Best Custom Holiday Gifts of 2021

We know the holidays can be stressful, especially when you’re picking out gifts for your loved ones.   That’s why if you read through this article, you’ll get great …

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DTF Printers

Direct to Film (DTF) Compared to White Toner Laser Printers

Comparing White Toner Laser Printers and Direct to Film Printers. One of the benefits of offering so many choices for product customization is that ColDesi …

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Customizing Unisub Ornaments

Put $14 in your pocket for something you can make in minutes? Yes – and here’s how you do it!   Whether you’re just starting as sublimation business …

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Unisub Sublimation Blanks | Sublimation Supplies

Unisub blanks are products specifically designed for sublimation. They are typically hard surface items that have a special coating for sublimation printing. This special coating …

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image of a sublimation printer
Business Ideas

What You Need to Start a Sublimation Printing Business

Sublimation printing is a popular business for many good reasons, but it can be a challenge to figure out how to get started. What should …

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DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Every year parents scramble to find the perfect gifts for teachers. Back to school time and the end of the year are the most popular …

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