Customizing T-Shirts | DigitalHeat FX 8432 White Toner Printer 

Eager to elevate your garment decoration techniques? A white toner printer could be the next logical step! Join ColDesi for another in our line of white toner printing tutorials.

Creating a custom t-shirt with a DigitalHeat FX White Toner Printer has never been more accessible, thanks to the features of this innovative printing system. White toner printers represent a cutting-edge development in digital printing, introducing exciting possibilities for the customization industry.

Making custom t-shirts is easy with the DigitalHeat FX Systems, which produce full color, self-weeded prints applicable to dark or light materials.

How to Customize a T-Shirt – White Toner Transfer

Follow these steps, to get started on a successful journey into t-shirt customization. Experiment with different designs and materials to unlock the full potential of this exciting printing technology.

Let’s dive in:

Supplies Needed for Customizing a T-Shirt – White Toner Printer

Items Needed (click to buy supplies):  

STEP 1 – Preparation: Preheat the Hotronix Fusion-IQ Heat Press. Time, temperature, and pressure settings will vary depending on fabric. (check transfer papers instructions)

STEP 2 – Printing Process: Load the design file into Print Optimizer. Format the design for print. Load the A sheet transfer paper into the printer. Print the design to the A sheet.

STEP 3 – Marry Process: Remove the A sheet design transfer from the printer and place it printed side up onto the heat press. Next, carefully place the B Sheet over the A Sheet, ensuring it’s properly aligned. Next, cover them both with Parchment Paper and press down. After the heat press cycle is complete, carefully peel the B sheet from the A sheet to reveal your design. This step is crucial as it’s part of the (Hot Peel Process).

STEP 4 – Design Transfer Process: Trim the design transfer to size. Arrange the design transfer onto the t-shirt in desired location. Cover the design transfer with parchment paper and press. Next, allow the design transfer to cool before removing the transfer sheet. (Cold Peel Process)

STEP 5 – Finishing Process: Give the shirt a final press to improve durability. Place the shirt on the press and cover it with a flexible finishing sheet. Press the design one last time to get that nice texture and added endurance. Remove the shirt from the press to reveal the completed design.

Admire your finished product!

The biggest advantage of this printer is the versatility of these transfers. With this printer you can customize cottons, polyesters, blends, and more! Stay tuned for more white toner printing tutorials.

Learn more about ColDesi’s complete line of DigitalHeat FX White Toner Printers.

Embark on your t-shirt printing journey with a DigitalHeat FX White Toner Printer. For more white toner printing tutorials visit our website.

To learn more about what you can customize with DigitalHeat FX 8432, live chat with a pro or give us a call at 877.793.3278.



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