How to Create and Sell a Full-Wrap Sublimation Mug  

Sublimation continues to be an accessible and approachable customization method. Everyone is looking to elevate and expand their business with custom designs, and with the simple production process of sublimation, this can be achieved. One of the most common sublimation products businesses sell is mugs. All it takes is a sublimation printer, a mug, a mug press, heat tape, and sublimation paper.

One of the best ways to tackle the mug business is to expand your designs to create full-wrap sublimation mugs. This provides the opportunity to use bolder designs with more detail than ever before. These bigger designs can also create more branding opportunities. A larger design means more room for logos and unique items like names. Creating full-wrap sublimation mugs is an easy way to be bigger and bolder. Like all business ventures, fortune favors the brave.

Interested in learning more about Sublimation? Here’s the Top 10 Questions about Sublimation answered:


1: Turn on your heat press. Set the temperature to 400 degrees and the timer for 6 minutes.

2: Adjust the pressure to provide firm coverage around the sublimation mug.

3: Load the TexPrint-R Paper into the Sawgrass SG-1000, print side face down.

4: Load a design into the Sawgrass Print Manager.

5: Use the Sawgrass Print Manager to make any necessary adjustments for printing.

6: Print the design using the Sawgrass SG-1000.

7: Once the design finishes printing, prepare the sublimation mug by cleaning the surface.

8: Starting from the handle, wrap the design around the body of the mug until both ends of the paper are parallel.

9: Tape down both ends of the sublimation paper. Make sure to keep the design tight against the mug to get the best results.

10: Load the mug into the heat press and press it down.

11: Once the press finishes, remove the mug from the press.

12: Peel the heat tape and sublimation paper off to enjoy your finished product.

How to Sell the Finished Product:

With a finished full-wrap sublimation mug, it’s time to sell!

Sublimation mugs typically retail for an average of 15-20 dollars online. These prices usually apply to designs that cover only one side of the mug. Therefore, with larger wraps, it’s possible to sell at the top of that price range, or even beyond.

One example, as mentioned previously, involves making space for both artwork and additional customization. Want to make a custom mug with a picture of Susie’s cute dog? Now, there’s room to put their names on it as well. This makes it easy to sell personalized coffee mugs with full-color images of loved ones.

Another example involves using wider designs. Want to create a mural design that covers the entire mug? Make a full-wrap sublimation mug and take advantage of the vibrancy and detail all the way around.

Take the Leap with Sublimation

There’s a reason why sublimation continues to be a popular technique for customization. The process is simple, the results are spectacular, and the profit potential is real. Using full-wrap sublimation designs for mugs offers more space and more detail to work with. These are key tools that can impress customers and elevate your business. With such an easy process, there’s no reason not to add sublimation to a customization business.

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