How to Convert a White Toner Printer to a Sublimation Printer 

Benefits of Converting a White Toner Printer to a Sublimation Printer

Converting a white toner printer to a sublimation printer offers a range of benefits, tailored to specific printing requirements.

One major advantage is the expanded product range that sublimation printing allows, encompassing various substrates such as fabrics, ceramics, metals, and plastics. This versatility is particularly helpful for customizing apparel, mugs, plates, and more. Sublimation printing delivers vibrant and durable prints with high resolution, for long-lasting results that resist fading, cracking, and peeling over time.

As the market for personalized items grows, sublimation printing helps businesses meet the demand, while expanding product offerings and catering to diverse customer needs.

Converting a White Toner Printer into a Sublimation Printer

Steps for converting a DigitalHeat FX i650 white toner printer into a sublimation printer using the IColor 650 Sublimation Toner Cartridge Kit.

Make sure the printer’s power is turned off, then open the printer lid to access the cartridges. Remove the standard toner/drum cartridges and store them in a cool, dark location.
Unpack the sublimation cartridges, starting with the black cartridge. Remove any sealing tape and packaging to prepare it for installation.
Insert the black sublimation cartridge into the front slot of the drum unit. Ensure it is in place.
Repeat the process for the yellow, magenta, and cyan sublimation cartridges, ensuring they have been installed according to the designated slots.
Once all cartridges have been installed, turn on the printer. Load the printer with standard printer paper.
After completing the above steps, the printer is ready for sublimation printing. You can switch between regular toner and dye sublimation toner as needed.

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