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Blogs: The Essential Tool for Any Apparel Business

  Discover why blogs are now essential for any apparel business. Do you know of a simple way to increase your business’s revenue, build your brand, and maintain an ongoing relationship with your clientele, all at once? If you do, then you may already know about the many benefits of blogging; if you don’t then

The Easiest Way to Solve DTG Ink Headaches

If you are having issues with your DTG print quality, check your DTG ink Having issues with your direct to garment printer can be worse than an actual headache (at least an aspirin can fix a headache). A DTG headache is when you aren’t getting the prints you want, or colors don’t seem to match

The Importance of Low Lead Content in Hotfix Rhinestones

Make sure you supply your rhinestone machine with low lead rhinestones. When working with bling, know your rhinestone lead content.  When purchasing hotfix rhinestones for your rhinestone machine you should ask yourself the following: are you keep your customers and their children safe? In every type of apparel decorating there are numerous materials involved and

Single Head Embroidery Machine Comparison

SWF Embroidery Machines have 2 single head embroidery machine models to choose from + Introducing the New Avance 1501C! Single head embroidery machines are the best embroidery machine types for start ups and small shops. Single head embroidery machines come in general types, 6 needle and 15 needle machines, but the 15 needle is usually