Blogs: The Essential Tool for Any Apparel Business


Discover why blogs are now essential for any apparel business.

Do you know of a simple way to increase your business’s revenue, build your brand, and maintain an ongoing relationship with your clientele, all at once? If you do, then you may already know about the many benefits of blogging; if you don’t then read on.

blog-word-cloud1The most advantageous aspect of blogging is its cost, which ranges from little to free on websites such as Blogger and WordPress. Traditional forms of networking and advertising, which includes print, radio, and TV ads, do not have the same potential that blogs do to reach customers, and therefore increase business. If your content is unique, practical, and even entertaining, those who view it can link to your blog posts on their websites and blog, while the content can also be a source for subsequent posts by your company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters, and e-books. An increase in links to your blog will come with an increase of visibility of your blog on search engines and thus an increase of people that find your business. Using relevant keywords in your blog posts and updating your blog regularly increases the chances of people finding your company on search engines like Google. All this can be achieved with a limited budget.  Your business might just be a start up making rhinestone transfers, if that is the case… you just invested in equipment and are still learning. Using inexpensive (or free) marketing tools is a fantastic way to launch your new line of apparel.

Creating an authoritative voice or presence online via your blog can not only help cement your business expertise and company’s credibility but also build your brand. Firstly, by taking into account newsworthy topics, your industry, your customers, and the world around you, inspiring ideas for blog posts can be discovered in interactions with friends or daily activities. Remaining focused is vital in blogging and creating a schedule which allows you to post content that is both continuous and purposeful ensures that your blog will develop a unique voice that defines your company’s identity and why you’re in business. This focused voice will offer insight into your company’s philosophy and ideas, as well as attract customers by letting them know how you can help them.  If you have a DTG Printer you probably have a niche you focus on, maybe Soccer Clubs. You can use your blog to talk about soccer and how you use t-shirts to support the teams, clubs charity, etc. You can post pictures of the teams in your shirts and also advertise shirts for fans. No matter what your niche is, there is a group of people out there searching and reading about it on the internet.

By creating a place to converse with your peers and customers about new products, services, trends, or company goals the personality of your business will shine through and your customers will feel familiar with your business; this creates a trust between your business and your client that will foster an ongoing relationship where you stay ahead of the curve as a trusted expert and leader in your business field, or in other words the “go-to” source and authority. Maintaining this two way conversation is easy by replying to comments, feedbacks or tweets about your business on your blog; this conversation will also give you crucial insight into your audience via blog analytics which will allow you to track readers, popular topics, shares, comments, and give you a better picture of who is connecting with your blog on a daily basis.



This is the bottom line: any business that is serious about competing and establishing an online presence must know that companies that blog usually have 97% more inbound links to their official websites than those who do not; additionally more than half of their consumers learn about them via their blog versus their ads, which creates a positive impression on the consumers, thus increasing the number of consumer purchases based on blog posts. Don’t waste time and start a blog for your business today; if your competitors aren’t already blogging they will be soon. In this Internet age blogging is an indispensable and invaluable tool that can help your business grow and succeed early on.

At Colman and Company we believe that having a great online presence and blog is essential to keeping customers happy and informed. We work hard every day to make our blog better… to help you grow your business. Thank you for reading.