Colman and Company Embroidery Scrapbook Info: Send pics = Get $$$

Show off your embroidery skills on the Colman and Company Blog.

We want to share the amazing embroidery our customers create.

If we post your pictures we will…
  • credit your Name, Business Name, and Website (or you can remain anonymous)
  • tell the world a little about why your work is amazing
  • send you a $10 Colman and Company gift certificate! 


How do I submit pictures?

  • Email your pictures to [email protected]
  • Include the  Name, Company Name, Website you would like credited on the Colman and Company Embroidery Scrapbook
  • If you would like to remain anonymous just advise us and include your name /email so we can send your gift card


  • Post to our Facebook Page:

How do I improve my chances of being selected?

What kind of pictures are we looking for?

  • Patches
  • Hat/Cap Embroidery
  • Left Chest Designs and Logos
  • Unique &  Interesting Embroidery work

How do I receive my gift card?

  • When you submit your pictures it will be reviewed by our team and decided if it will enter the Scrapbook. When we use it, we will notify you via email and send you the gift card code to use at 

When will I hear back from Colman and Company?

  • When we receive your email, we will reply back and let you know we got it. We will have plenty of pictures to review, so just hang in there. We might use it in a few hour or a few weeks. Either way, we will let you know.
Legal Stuff:

By Submitting to the Colman and Company Scrapbooks you consent to the taking, publication, and/or broadcast of photographs of visual media being taken for Colman and Company and its related or affiliated agencies with full knowledge these productions may appear on the Internet, or in print. If the image you share is used in the Colman and Company Scrapbook, you will be emailed a 1 time use $10 Gift Certificate to The Certificates are valid for 30 days and will be issued within 30 days of posting online. There is no limit to the number of submissions unless requested by Colman and Company due to high volume of non-qualifying images. 

By submitted an image you agree to the following: I permit Colman and Company to use the materials in any of its or its related/affiliated agencies’ brochures, advertisements, displays, flyers, web sites, or public/private information pieces. I hereby waive all rights to claims for payment or royalties in connection with the use, publication, or exhibition of the above mentioned materials. I fully understand that usage of these materials may not relate to my image. Any restrictions of use must be stated below and initialed.