How to WOW your customers with pictures; using your smartphone!

Over 400 Billion photos were taken last year; nearly a third of them ending up on social media sites. In 2014 we take more pictures in 2 minutes than in the entire 1800s combined. What can we say, we love photos. Consumers love to see product images or previous work of yours. This means you should keep a picture record of all your work, and you don’t need an expensive camera. Anyone can WOW their customers with Smartphone pictures; all you need is a few tips.

More Light, Less Flash

A flash on a Smartphone should have a label “for emergency use only.” Meaning, don’t use it unless you just cannot get more light. It will white out your images and take away from rich colors. When you are taking a picture of your embroidery or shirts printed with DTG Inks always try to get more light. Turn on all of the lights or o into another room (even better, go outside). You will be more proud to share images that are surrounded by rich and bright lights.

This DTG Print was taken in a low light with shadows. Look at her eyes, they look mostly black. 


Moving into better light, there is a clear difference in seeing more color in this print. 


Steady, Steady

If you are getting a burred image, it is probably because you are not holding still. Double that if you are holding the camera and the subject of your picture.  If you are consistently having this issue try to rest your phone on something, or even better buy a little tripod. This will help keep your images crisp and clear! Embroidery thread just looks amazing when it is a crisp and clear shot.


Dirty lenses are your enemy

Just simply wipe down your lens with a nice cloth before you take pictures. Using a cloth that cleans eyeglasses is very inexpensive and can be purchased just about anywhere. You will love how much of a difference a simple wipe of the lens does.

This purple cone of Royal Thread looks fuzzy and distorted, almost as if the smartphone wasn’t held steady.


After taking a Lens Cloth to the camera, look at the difference in this shot! 


Try another App

The stock camera applications are usually clean and simple, but they might not work for your needs. Go to the application store for your device and see what they have to offer. Try free versions, and upgrade to pro. Definitely read reviews too. There are some great apps out there, and there are always new ones being added.


Get Closer, but not too close!

Your phones camera can actually get pretty close to objects before it cannot focus. About 4 inches is a threshold where it just won’t focus. You can get incredible detail when you just get a little closer. Letting your customers see the details of your embroidery or prints will really give them the confidence that you can do a great job. A fuzzy picture can mean you have something to hide. Show them how great you will make their apparel.

Look at the detail in this bobbin. This picture was taken about 4 inches away with a smarphone


Your reputation is online when you are sharing pictures. In an ideal situation every picture you have would be taken by a professional photographer, but that generally isn’t possible. However, will practice you can take amazing pictures with your Smartphone. Share them online and show your customers; it will lead to more business and excited clients!