What are Spangle Transfers?

Spangles, and so Spangle Transfers, are Sequins with no Holes

The spangle transfer is a great alternative to rhinestone transfers.

Sequins have been around for eons, decorating everything from custom hats to off the shelf clothing at retail outlets all over the world. Sequins are basically discs of plastic or metal that have holes in the middle so they can be sewn onto a garment.

In recent years you’ve been able to put sequins on by using attachments to commercial embroidery machines, but as an add-on feature, it hasn’t always worked the most effectively.

There are 2 downsides to sequins, other than the laborious kind of application, either hand sewing or embroidery machine attachment.

1. Thread – sequins are attached with a single embroidery thread, which is not the most secure. They are quite subject to damages in the wash, catching on furniture or jewelry, etc. They’re delicate!

2. Holes – the large holes in the middle of sequins mean that the material behind the discs makes an impact on the designs, which is a real limitation. Many designers actually use overlapped sequins to work around this issue.

To solve one of these issues, a few years ago several companies came out with sequin transfers. Sequin transfer machines apply sequins to Hotfix tape, so the sequin design can be iron-on or heat pressed on rather than sewn. These are also sometimes called threadless sequins or Hotfix sequin transfers. It was a great idea!

BUT.. sequin transfer machines still produce designs with a hole in the middle of every one! They improved on the application of the sequin designs, but not really the look. This is where Spangle Transfers come in.

Spangle transfer machines produce spangle transfers. A spangle is a sequin without the hole in the middle, so a spangle transfer is a design that is produced and output onto transfer tape, like a rhinestone transfer, that looks great, is easy to apply with a heat press, and has no threads or holes.

One of the best things about spangle transfer machines and the spangle transfers they produce is the low cost of supply materials. That’s what makes buying a custom spangle transfer machine one of the most profitable purchases you can make.

You can buy ProSpangle Reels of holographic spangle material from Colman and Company, designed to work in the ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine from ColDesi, for just $8.25/reel.

1 Reel holds 80 METERS of material, and you can produce spangle between 2mm and 5mm with each. The per spangle cost is so low, you just won’t believe it!

For more information on the ProSpangle spangle transfer machine, you can visit www.coldesi-bling.com. For more on ProSpangle Reels, please visit www.colmanandcompany.com today!