Viper DTG Printer from ColDesi Viper DTG Printer from ColDesi

Viper DTG Printer from ColDesi

The best DTG Printer for your new custom t-shirt business or expanding screen print shop may just be the Viiper from ColDesi.

The DTG Viper is one of the most well known, respected and reliable DTG Printers (Direct to Garment) Printers on the market today.

It may be the best DTG printer for you custom apparel business or custom t-shirt printing shop. It does all this and still remains ColDesi’s most cost effect dtg printer solution.

The DTG Brand is well known globally as the leading innovator in the direct to garment decorating industry. The Viper DTG Printer  is the culmination of years of ongoing research and development and has become a cornerstone of hundreds of custom tee shirt printing businesses.


THE VIPER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! LEARN MORE ABOUT THE NEW VIPER2 DTG PRINTER HERE.  Many of the features are still the same, like the 4-2-1 platen system, RIPPro Software and great training and support, but while this new model maintains a large print area and the 4-2-1 platen system, it also has a smaller footprint AND price! 


DTG Printer Viper Sample

Our experience leads to your success! Utilizing the latest high performance piezoelectric print head technology, the DTG Viper is among the most efficient direct to garment printers in the industry. The DTG exclusive 4-2-1 platen system offers you the versatility of printing 4 smaller images, 2 standard or one oversize image without the need for purchasing multiple size platens.

Incorporating patented Tucloc hold down technology, the Viper 4-2-1 platen system sets the standard for all other shirt platens on the market – no more messing with ring type hooping systems that reduce print area and don’t compensate for thicker garments. With the addition of an extra 4-2-1 platen system you can easy setup a workflow that fits the needs of your production shop. Several higher volume apparel decorators have found that the Viper works very well in banks of two or four to optimize productivity – at a reasonable price. As with all current models of DTG Brand Direct to Garment printers – the Viper incorporates the patented WIMS – White Ink Management System.

Gone are your concerns regarding periods of moderate inactivity causing lost time and wasted money on head cleanings and struggles to get your printer ready to produce the quality images you expect. Better technology, leading to more productivity and less headaches – means bigger impact on your bottom line. With the industry’s leading RIP and the backing of the largest tech support staff in the direct to garment marketplace – it is easy to see why DTG Brand is the most recognized direct to garment printer brand in the global market. With the backing of ColDesi, Inc. – you can count on the DTG Viper to help you grow your eco-friendly, short run apparel decoration business.


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