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Going Mobile: Take Embroidery Business on the Road

Why wait for customers to come to you?      -When you can bring your embroidery business to them! With a little planning and the Avancé compact Embroidery Machine, you can make profits almost anywhere! Sometimes, an embroidery business can’t wait for customers to come to them. They take their business to where the customers

Commercial Embroidery Thread Breaks: True or False?

Thread breaks in commercial embroidery are an unfortunate fact; they happen all the time. However, not all embroidery thread breaks are the same.  Some are even false alarms. Commercial embroidery makes for a wonderful, and profitable, career. Running an embroidery system can be quite entertaining, especially for novices. Who can blame them? Imagine your excitement

Heat Press Tips for Rhinestone Transfers

An essential tool for working with hotfix rhinestones is your heat press. If you do not have a dedicated heat press, don’t worry! A heat press is included with the upgraded Brush-N-Bake hotfix Rhinestone Decorating System from Colman and Company! The Brush-N-Bake Rhinestone Decorating System is an excellent way to grow your business by adding

Choosing Transfer Tape for Hotfix Rhinestones

Silicone Transfer Paper is the professional choice for designs using hotfix rhinestones. Colman and Company carries two types of transfer paper: Traditional and LowTac. The Brush-N-Bake Hotfix Rhinestones Decorating System enables clothing shops to attract customers with the power of customization. Sierra’s Hotfix Era Design program lets you make hotfix rhinestone designs that add tremendous

Embroidery Business Tip: Make Stock Designs Your Own!

Is your embroidery business looking for immediate results that customers will love? A shop that offers stunning designs and excellent customer service will have clients doing business with you repeatedly. There will be times when a customer will come to your embroidery business with only a concept and no artwork to show what they genuinely

The Art of Blending Colors in Commercial Embroidery

Blending colors and shading are some of the biggest creative challenges in all commercial embroidery. To add a touch of realism to your designs, here are a few creative and practical tips. One of the biggest challenges in the art of commercial embroidery is blending colors for subtle shading. Generations of embroiderers believed the only

Durkee Hoop Tips for Commercial Embroidery

Commercial embroidery is not only one art form; it is a collection of art forms! It may not be the most glamorous creative skill, but the most important talent for commercial embroidery is good hooping. Commercial embroidery is not just a single art from, but it is a group of several creative skills and talents.

Using Software to Fix Annoying Embroidery Problems

Several annoying commercial embroidery problems can be fixed right from the Sierra Stitch ERA Liberty software. Three most common embroidery issues and the simple adjustments that can save you time, headaches and money! Faced with annoying quality issues in commercial embroidery, one of the first places to go is to your Sierra Stitch ERA Liberty

Tips for Great Commercial Embroidery on Caps

Understanding the key differences in when producing great commercial embroidery for caps is the key to taking your business to the next level. It may be obvious, but commercial embroidery on caps is different from sewing on shirts, jackets and other garments  Understanding the differences will save you a lot of production headaches. Most machines are

Stitch ERA Liberty: The Best Tool for Any Embroidery Job

Meet Your Next Digitizing System 🙂  Stitch ERA Liberty. Stitch ERA Liberty is the leading embroidery software. It gives you control of every element to create stunning commercial embroidery designs. The way to offering your clients exceptional commercial embroidery is having the best tools for the job.  Stitch ERA Liberty is engineered exclusively for creating