Choosing Transfer Tape for Hotfix Rhinestones

Silicone Transfer Paper is the professional choice for designs using hotfix rhinestones.

Colman and Company carries two types of transfer paper: Traditional and LowTac.

The Brush-N-Bake Hotfix Rhinestones Decorating System enables clothing shops to attract customers with the power of customization. Sierra’s Hotfix Era Design program lets you make hotfix rhinestone designs that add tremendous value to jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and more.

Brush-N-Bake Hotfix Rhinestones

Hotfix rhinestones transform everyday garments into custom pieces that your customers will truly treasure, as well as pay a premium to own.  The design field for hotfix rhinestones is unlimited, ranging from understated accents or outlines to intricate designs using various sizes and colors of stones.

The professional choice for creating hotfix rhinestone transfers is the silicone hotfix-transfer paper. Just as there is a large selection of hotfix rhinestones and techniques to enhance garments, there are also choices of transfer paper.

There are two types of transfer tape for hotfix rhinestones. Choose the best one for your needs:

Traditional Silicone Transfer Paper

The advantages of using Silicone Transfer Paper for transfers with hotfix rhinestones are increased thickness and tackiness.

Silicone transfer paper is thicker than other types of hotfix tape, including acrylics, making it the most durable for reuse. When a shop can reuse transfer paper, which translates into higher profits! It is also ideal for rhinestuds, nailheads and other heat-transfer-style embellishments.

The extra tackiness makes silicone hotfix tape an excellent choice for those apparel shops selling hotfix rhinestones to other decorators, or to individual customers as a do-it-yourself project. The durability also keeps the rhinestones in place, either for mailing, shipping or long-term storage for later use, without dropped or missing stones.

Silicone Transfer Paper comes with its own non-stick carrier layer and is available in various roll sizes, including the 12 3/4″(32cm) X 100m (109 yards). Purchasing transfer paper in rolls is the best way for a store to save money. Each roll will make up to 327 transfers, each cut to about 12 ¾ ” x 12″ square, keeping the cost to around $0.43 for each piece.

LowTac Silicone Transfer Paper

LowTac Silicone Transfer Paper is the same as the traditional and is good for any hotfix rhinestones or other heat-transfer-style stones. The difference is LowTac offers a lesser degree of adhesive, resulting in product easier to remove. Using LowTac in commercial applications of hotfix rhinestones will help speed up production by releasing from the garment easier.

LowTac is also available in different roll sizes, including the popular 16″(41cm) X 100m (109 yards). Each roll will give 245 transfers cut in 16″ x 16″ squares at the low cost of $0.77 apiece. When buying silicone both transfer paper and hotfix rhinestones in bulk, adding bling to garments and other promotional items can be one of the best high-profit items in your product line!

Working either type of with silicone transfer paper is easy. Place hotfix rhinestones on the transfer paper, either by hand, using StickyFlock rhinestone stencil material, or by CAMS Automatic Hotfix Rhinestones Setting Machines.  Then use the transfer paper to set the rhinestones directly onto the garment using a heat press or hand iron.

With silicone transfer paper and hotfix rhinestones, so not forget to use the Nomex Heat Pad, to support in the adherence of glue to the garment. It will help when you press various sizes of hotfix rhinestones throughout a design.

Hotfix rhinestone designs can be extremely high-profit additions to your product line! For more information on making more money with silicone transfer paper and hotfix rhinestones, contact or call 80-891-1094 today!

Do you have any great tips on working with silicone transfer paper? Which type do you prefer, traditional or Low Tac? Let us know in the comments below.



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