Stitch ERA Liberty: The Best Tool for Any Embroidery Job

Meet Your Next Digitizing System 🙂  Stitch ERA Liberty.

Stitch ERA Liberty is the leading embroidery software.

It gives you control of every element to create stunning commercial embroidery designs.

The way to offering your clients exceptional commercial embroidery is having the best tools for the job. 

Stitch ERA Liberty is engineered exclusively for creating gorgeous embroidery designs.

Stitch ERA Liberty Embroidery SoftwareSierra’s Stitch ERA is part of a suite of design products for both embroidery and hotfix rhinestones.

Often, when embroiderers refer to Stitch ERA, they are actually talking about the Stitch ERA Liberty, the top software in the Sierra product line.

Stitch ERA gives you everything you need for embroidery design management:

  • stitch editing
  • advanced stitch block editing
  • automated advanced digitizing
  • lettering (both pre-digitized and true-type fonts) embroidery format output
  • code conversion.



Unleash Your Embroidery Creativity

Stitch ERA Liberty is a versatile software suite that is ideal for business embroidery shops and designers at all skill levels.

Beginners with good technical knowledge can use it immediately, especially those with knowledge working with vector drawings, animation and 3D modeling.  

Semi-professional embroiderers can see how the Stitch ERA Liberty easily beats out other consumer embroidery programs.

The powerful Stitch ERA Liberty software helps digitize designs with maximum efficiently, minimizing registration problems and other design issues common with commercial embroidery.

With this program, you get a variety of ways to make the right embroidery designs.

Customize your workflow with design elements appropriate for your ability—novice to expert.

For example, Stitch ERA Liberty can import vector graphics or a bitmap in a design, add your own custom elements, and digitize the design while using the lettering module.

Stitch ERA has all the essential features to integrate, create and customize embroidery designs from a scanned image or by starting from scratch.

The finished designs work seamlessly with Avancé Embroidery Machines, as well as other embroidery machines on the market.

The Stitch ERA software includes features rarely found in other programs: graphic file editing, processing vector files, vectorizing, and exportation to graphic files.

If your shop specializes in mixed media with hotfix rhinestones, spangles or sequins, Stitch ERA integrates effortlessly with Sierra’s Hot Fix ERA software, allowing you to make the most remarkable multimedia enhancements.


Stitch ERA Liberty: All the Tools You Need

The Stitch ERA Liberty software has all the functions of all previous levels, and it adds a variety of tools to create the most extraordinary artistic embroidery.

The Stitch ERA Liberty has become the choice of any professional designer. Millions of options are available to the embroidery designer.

Stitch ERA Liberty offers you the most comprehensive collection of tools, with features to create original embroidery designs quickly and easily.

Automated functions combine with precise control, putting you in control of each design element.

Two reasons why the most demanding embroidery designers prefer Stitch Eta Liberty: power and productivity. Even with its power, the Stitch ERA Liberty remains easy to use.

Embroiderers of all types can now create intricate designs on their own, without the assistance of high-priced digitizers.

For those who thought they need to be an apprentice first, the Stitch ERA Liberty makes your product look as if designed by experts.

Within a single application, the Stitch ERA Liberty integrates embroidery with the effectiveness of graphic design software.

The Software works perfectly with pixel (raster) or vector files, vectorizing pixel files into vector shapes, generating new vector shapes and managing them either individually or by blocks (modifying shapes and nodes).

Finally, you can automatically transforms vector shapes into embroidery objects, without once exiting the Stitch ERA Liberty software.

Stitch ERA Liberty allows you to create new components, to improve design efficiency and expand the number of software resources at the same time. This is all standard in the Stitch ERA Liberty embroidery software.

No other software is necessary to create and process embroidery designs. Stitch ERA gives you a complete set of tools and stitch types for different object designs:

  • Design management
  • Modify and process pre-existing expanded designs (edition, scaling and merging)
  • Raster images
  • Vector images
  • Lettering system
  • Image processing and converting
  • Automatic and manual digitizing
  • Interactive digitizing
  • Format conversion
  • Component creation
  • Catalog printout and more

Designs created with Stitch ERA Liberty are ready to run on most at-home and commercial embroidery machines.

Additional Views and Professional Functionality

Stitch ERA Liberty includes the most synchronized views of any embroidery software. You get the highest visual details: grouping, branching, sequencing and other functions executed with a simple drag-and-drop.

Stitch ERA Liberty Embroidery Software

State-Of-The-Art Capture and Digitizing Modes

Filled with tools for automatic and traditional digitizing, Stitch ERA Liberty includes interactive capture functions to speed up the process while simultaneously adjusting the design.

Improved Productivity

With Stitch ERA Liberty, reworking designs are a snap: embroidery stitch pre-definition, repetitions for combinations creating automatic outlines and more.

Sierra Stitch ERA Liberty Embroidery Software

Create Elements and Components

Stitch ERA Liberty also allows you to create new design elements, saving them for reuse, as well as in an expandable system resource library. The preloaded library includes manual patterns, creative patterns, and programmable stitches.

Full Stitch Control

Stitch ERA Liberty has a built-in Object Inspector to give you more adjustments for the most precise definition of each section. New stitch effects are also available, including density variation and edge modulation. You have the ability to control every detail precisely.

Accessible Stitch Types

Included in the Stitch ERA Liberty are several stitch types:

  • Paths with Running Stitch
  • Elastic Patterns
  • E Stitch
  • Programmable Stitches
  • Columns with Zigzag
  • Areas with Uniform and Creative Patterns
  • Appliques
  • Textures
  • Photo Stitches and More

Stitch ERA Liberty Embroidery Software

Stitch ERA Liberty comes with a USB dongle, acting as a security key, so no continuous internet connection is required to operate the software. This also helps prevent accidental delays that plague many internet connections. Now you have the ability to keep your embroidery business ahead of the pack.

For more information about the powerful Stitch ERA Liberty software, embroidery equipment or supplies contact, or call 800-891-1094.

What are your best tips for working with the Stitch ERA Liberty? Let us know in the comments below.


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