Embroidery Grip — The Solution To
Gripping & Holding The Unhoopable

We’ve got a simple but tricky question for you, dear reader: how do you embroider something that’s difficult to hoop?

If nothing comes to your mind, let us give you a hint: Embroidery Grip. It’s the answer to gripping and holding the unhoopable.

Now, before we tell you how this thing works, why you need it (and how it can help you), let’s take a moment to truly appreciate the frustration and agony that comes with trying to hoop delicate fabrics or irregularly shaped items.

Would you agree it sometimes feels like taming a wild beast? The struggle to secure them in place with a traditional embroidery hoop is undeniably real.

The fabric slips through your fingers. Just when you think you’ve finally secured it, the material wiggles free. It’s a true test of patience. Each stitch you make carries with it a fear that the fabric (or item) will shift out of position.

But fear not, the Embroidery Grip is here to save the day! So, let’s take a moment to learn what this thing is and why you need one.

What is Embroidery Grip & Why You Need One

Why would I need an Embroidery Grip, you ask? Well, let’s paint you a picture…

… Imagine you have a client order for a pair of custom embroidered sneakers. These sneakers are not your run-of-the-mill footwear. They have a unique shape and texture that make them less-than-ideal candidates for traditional embroidery hoops. You can’t exactly stick them in a traditional embroidery hoop and hope for the best, right?

That’s where the Embroidery Grip steps in.

You simply slip the sneakers into the grip and voila — they’re in place — no more slipping and sliding. Now, you can embroider the designs, patterns, or even quotes that your client wants to see on the sneakers without the fear of them shifting.

But the Embroidery Grip isn’t just for sneakers; you can use it for a wide range of unhoopable items. Think of all the items you can tackle with this wonder tool; belts, slippers, wallets, backpacks fanny packs, hankies — just to name a few.

No longer will you have to turn down projects because the fabric or item is too difficult to hoop. Ka-ching!

How to Install Embroidery Grip On Your Embroidery Machine

Alrighty then! Now that you’re familiar with what an Embroidery Grip is, it’s time to roll up our sleeves, put everything together, and install it on our embroidery machine.

To make things easier for you, we’ve recorded a handy video tutorial that you can watch to see the process in action. It basically shows you what to do step-by-step and saves you from reading a wall of text.



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