Streamlining Custom Apparel Sales on Shopify: The ClickWear Print-on-Demand Solution 

ColDesi’s ClickWear is a state-of-the-art print-on-demand (POD) fulfillment solution that seamlessly integrates with Shopify e-commerce platform. It offers a complete resolution tailored to custom apparel businesses. Easily sell custom-printed products directly to consumers effortlessly and efficiently.

The Rise of Direct-to-Customer Sales

The shift towards direct-to-customer (D2C) sales in the United States has been significant, with the market growing from $128 billion in 2021 to a projected $213 billion in 2024. Major brands have embraced this model, with D2C sales accounting for 48% of their revenue on average.

ClickWear: A Complete Solution

ClickWear provides an array of services designed to streamline the process of selling high margin printed products such as apparel and soft goods. With thousands of product options available, businesses can set their own retail pricing. They can customize any graphic and offer personalized products without maintaining inventory, marketing premium printed items such as clothing directly to their customer base. To achieve this, ClickWear offers:

Direct-to-Customer E-commerce Made Simple with ClickWear

ClickWear’s configuration and order management technology seamlessly integrate with the Shopify platform. Orders are efficiently processed and sent to the POD facility, which oversees printing and direct shipping to customers. This eliminates the need for pre-decorated inventory and reduces the logistical and financial burdens typically associated with traditional wholesale models.

Advantages of ClickWear: Streamlining Custom Apparel Sales

  1. Ease of Onboarding and Integration: Designed for quick setup and integration into existing Shopify stores, businesses can start offering custom products without extensive development time or cost.
  2. Comprehensive Fulfillment: ClickWear manages everything from product configuration to fulfillment, including inventory management for wholesale and OEM products. This ensures a smooth, efficient process from order to delivery.
  3. Sustainability and Risk Reduction: The apparel manufacturing industry’s waste issue is a global concern, with millions of garments ending up in landfills worldwide. The POD model is inherently sustainable, producing only what is sold and minimizing waste. Businesses avoid the risk of overproduction and excess inventory, which is a common issue in traditional manufacturing.
  4. Scalability and Flexibility: Zero inventory risks. Simply choose from a wide variety of apparel and soft goods: White Label, Private Label, and OEM are also available. There are no minimum unit requirements, allowing businesses to offer unlimited virtual product variations. This scalability is particularly beneficial for custom apparel businesses trying to expand their product offerings without a significant upfront investment.

The Financial Benefits of ClickWear

The financial benefits of ClickWear are clear. By creating virtual products online, only items sold are queued for fulfillment. This eliminates the risks associated with pre-printed inventory in the traditional wholesale model. Consider the revenue models below based on selling 250 and 1,000 basic printed tee shirts per week. This profitability, coupled with minimal risk and operational flexibility, makes ClickWear an attractive option for businesses aiming to enhance their e-commerce strategy.

Empowering Businesses in the E-commerce Landscape

ClickWear offers an integrated, scalable, and sustainable approach to custom product sales, empowering custom apparel businesses to meet consumer demands effectively and profitably.

Beginning Your ClickWear Journey on Shopify

Discover the power of ClickWear, the solution designed to streamline custom apparel operations and optimize sales on Shopify. Transform your custom apparel business with ClickWear! Start by signing up on the ClickWear webpage and choosing a plan that fits your needs. Install the ClickWear app from the Shopify App Store and sync it with your store.

Take the first steps towards success. Upload your designs, craft captivating product mockups, and seamlessly integrate them into your Shopify listings. Efficiently manage orders and inventory. Elevate your store’s visual presentation with top-tier imagery. Simplify your processes and enhance the overall customer journey.

Revolutionize your custom apparel business with ClickWear! Explore our website, consult a ClickWear Pro, or dial 877.793.3278 to learn more.