5 Simple Ways to Increase Embroidery Sales

Easy ways you can increase embroidery sales without being a salesperson.

Have you considered how you can increase your embroidery sales?

You’ve worked hard to get your customers, but are you offering them everything you can? Are they getting everything they want? Just because they didn’t ask for something, doesn’t mean they don’t want it. Often times you’ll find they didn’t even know you offered that option. You don’t need to be a pushy salesperson to increase embroidery sales, you just need to talk about your products and offer ideas.

Here are a few simple things you can start offering today:

1.       Embroider here, Embroider there, Embroider everywhere

If you are embroidering one place on a garment, offer a second. On shirts, offer the website on the sleeve or the back of the neck. You can offer names directly embroidered on business polos. If you are embroidery hats for a baseball team, you can put names or numbers on the back. You will find that just offering these little additions can easily increase orders. For example; a high school sports team might have 25 players. If you are embroidering their hats, you can add the child’s name (or creative nicknames… make it fun for them) on the back of the cap for $5. That can easily turn into a 20-30% increase in that order! Always offer a second spot; get creative and mention it to every customer.

2.       Shine with Metallic Thread

Offering a part of your customer’s logo in metallic thread will help you increase sales in numerous ways. First of all, you can increase the price of those stitches by 20-30%. The thread will cost slightly more, and it will require a little machine adjustment; so the cost is justified. Metallic thread looks amazing and it will get your customers talking about how awesome it looks. They will love it and show it to their friends and colleagues. This is a simple upsell and it looks amazing. Too many embroiderers are intimidated about using a different thread. Don’t be. Spend some time practicing. The feedback will surprise you and surely lead to increased sales.

3.       More Products and More Options

As simple as it sounds, offer everyone 1-3 more products then they requested. When giving someone a quote, include the price to add caps or tote bags. Consider your customer.  If they are an Air Conditioning repair company, will they be outside a lot? Do they wear hats? They should. Offer them an option to add 3D Foam Caps to each shirt they order. If you are embroidering caps for a football team, offer them jackets. Working with a dance team? Tell them about tote bags. Here is a simple exercise. Write down what your last 15 clients ordered. Then pick up a supply catalog and look for interesting things you didn’t offer them, but could have. Next time, just talk about your ideas. It’s not about pushing the sale, it’s just talking about great ideas.

Puff Foam Cap TB 1

4.       Simple Patches!

Patches are a lot of fun and so simple! You can get an easy to use patch kit from Colman and Company. Think outside of the box with your patches; they aren’t just name tags! Put the team name on iron-on patches, kids can put them on back packs. If your client uses work uniforms, that is an easy upsell. Just explain how professional it will make their team look with custom made patches. Embroidering patches is another item that can feel intimidating but doesn’t have to, in fact it’s easy. Here is a great video.

5.       Bring some Bling

This has to be one of the most creative, easiest and fun ways to increase embroidery sales. Just offer some hotfix rhinestones, rhinestuds or nailheads to the design. Dot an “I” with some pink stones on a Breast Cancer Awareness shirt. Add a border of grey nailheads to an electrician’s hat. Even just decorate the collar of a shirt or brim of a hat. You can increase the retail value of each garment by 10-20% just by adding literally a penny in hotfix decoration and a minute of work. If you use this Hotfix Motif Tool you can make the job even easier. Your customers will love it and they will love talking about their new apparel!

These 5 simple steps can easily increase your sales per customers, and ultimately make them more satisfied. You can purchase any of your embroidery supplies at Colman and Company; let us know how we can help you increase embroidery sales.