4 Things You Might Not Know About Genuine DTG Inks.

Why Genuine DTG inks matter when using a DTG Printer Machine

It is important to know that using Genuine DTG Inks make a difference. 

Your customers depend on you. They have events to run, parties to host and they need t shirts! When placing an order they expect you to provide a quality product at a fair price. It seems simple, but isn’t that what we all want? Your customers are just like you, they want good products. Genuine DTG Inks will bring you the consistent results and quality prints your customers demand.

Direct to Garment Printers are fantastic machines; they give you the ability to produce t-shirts with thousands of colors in moments. Yet, there is one very important thing to note; your machine depends on quality ink to be reliable and produce the fantastic prints your customers need.

Your DTG Printer is similar to a professional race car.  That sounds a little farfetched at first, but consider the idea for a moment. A professional race crew invests a lot of money in a great car, a strong engine and then spends countless hours tuning it. Do they go out and put regular 87-octane fuel on race day? Of course not! They know that the fuel is what drives the engine; the most efficient race engine in the world won’t win races without the proper fuel. The same goes for your DTG Printer; you need great ink.

1. Consistency

Genuine DTG products are tested regularly. Colman and Company prints with DTG inks and DTG Pretreat every day; monitoring for consistent results and any variance in the products quality.

2. Quality Control

Genuine DTG Inks and pretreatment are maintained in an environment that is under strict quality control. Maintaining consistent climate control is important to ensure your ink arrives to you in perfect condition. White ink need to be tumbled before decanting to ensure proper pigment and binding distribution. Lastly, ink stock must be rotated over time to make this effective.

3. Volume

Colman and Company is the world’s largest distributor of direct to garment ink. Successful business owners trust that our Genuine DTG inks and pretreatment are the best. This means that our inventory is always circulating and you will never receive old, stale ink. Inks and Pretreatments do have a shelf life and you don’t want to use expired ink in your DTG printer.

4. Superior Color Quality

One of the reasons you invested in a DTG Printer is because of its versatility in colors. You can print a t-shirt with hundreds of colors in under a minute. You will always get fantastic looking prints because Genuine DTG inks are consistent, have a strict quality control and don’t get stale on our shelves. Your customers will get the same beautiful colors every time they re-order, which will keep them coming back for more.

Selling Genuine DTG inks and Pretreatments means we talk to hundreds of customers a day. Too often we hear the horror stories of bad prints, clogged print heads or someone being ripped off by a poor quality imitator. The stories range from inks with clumped particles to colors that are different each time a new bottle arrives. When you use Genuine DTG inks and Pretreatments you will have your Direct to Garment printer running at peak performance every day. Just like other successful apparel decorators, your machine and your customers will be happy you chose the right ink. Visit Colman and Company to supply your DTG Printer Machine with Genuine DTG Inks.