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Stitch ERA Liberty: The Best Tool for Any Embroidery Job

Meet Your Next Digitizing System 🙂  Stitch ERA Liberty. Stitch ERA Liberty is the leading embroidery software. It gives you control of every element to create stunning commercial embroidery designs. The way to offering your clients exceptional commercial embroidery is having the best tools for the job.  Stitch ERA Liberty is engineered exclusively for creating

12 Questions for Hiring the Right Embroidery Digitizer

Deciding to hire an embroidery digitizer for your shop is easy, finding the perfect person to represent the quality of your shop is difficult. There are at least 12 important questions to ask a candidate, from experience and basics to artistic and business issues. After years of struggling to digitize artwork properly for your embroidery

Hotfix Era and Stitch Era Liberty Software – the Design Era Suite

Sierra’s Design-Era suite of software options for apparel decorators includes great Rhinestone Design software AND Embroidery digitizing software. Whether you’re just doing embroidery, or just adding rhinestone transfers to your business, Hotfix Era and Stitch Era Liberty are important options for you to consider.   Hotfix Era Hotfix Era Rhinestone Design Software has really taken