Managing your Embroidery Digitizing designs is easier than ever with Explorer Plug-In.

If you are using Stitch Era Universal or any other software to create your professional embroidery designs, we have great new for you. Now you can easily view your design files right in Windows using ”Embroidery Explorer Plug-in”. You will be able to locate and view all of your embroidery design files as thumbnail images right in windows explorer. No longer will you have to open and view in your digitizing software to get a preview of your files.

With native support for Windows® 10, Windows® 8 and Windows® 7 you can see the stitch count, dimensions, color information, and notes and settings for your embroideries. Sort by name, width, height, stitch count, number of colors, date modified, and more.

Make sure you download this plugin today by visiting Official site:

The installation software may require the following dealer code: 8798001

Embroidery Explorer is brought to you by Sierra, makers of the most downloaded embroidery software in the world Stitch Era Universal. Try Stitch Era Universal software for free here:

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