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ColDesi Releases New Digitizing Software for Embroidery, Chenille, Rhinestones and Spangles

TAMPA, FL 12/20/2022 – ColDesi announces the release of, DesignDeck, a digitizing software for Embroidery, Chenille, Rhinestone and Spangles.

ColDesi reports that the DesignDeck Software was created to be easy to learn and use. It’s perfect for any hobbyist or home business who wants an unlimited ability to create.

main image and logo for the DesignDeck software by Coldesi For the professional embroiderer and bling creator, ColDesi DesignDeck also includes AI (artificial intelligent) design creation tools available. This powerful AI technology can save user’s time by creating designs quickly and efficiently – auto-digitize.

AI design creation also delivers great end results by ensuring a high precision, ordered interpretation of the shapes. What sometimes won’t be noticeable in artwork to the human eye, AI technology can catch.

The software provides a wide range of customizable stitch patterns and options, but its advanced design features allow for the precise placement and editing capabilities specifically needed for Chenille Embroidery.

DesignDeck’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create stunning designs for spangles and other hot fix transfers as well.

The software offers a wide range of customizable shapes, fonts, and colors to choose from, making it simple to add bling to any garment.

“When it comes to your custom business, investing in the right software and services is just as important as the kind of machines, supplies, and blanks you buy,” said Director of Marketing, Marc Vila. “At ColDesi, we care about our customers’ success which is why we only offer the best embroidery machines in our Avancé and Highland line, the best software, like DesignDeck, and top-notch support and training to get your custom business up and running.”

The DesignDeck Software will be included in ColDesi’s Avance and Highland Embroidery Machine bundles, as well as their spangle and rhinestone transfer machine bundles with the SpangleElite, ProSpangle and CAMS 1V-6P.


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