What’s Trending? | Triton Fall Heat Transfer Vinyl Colors

The fall season is here, and what better way to celebrate than making use of fall 2022 color trends for your t-shirt vinyl designs?

Getting with the trends is a surefire way to boost sales and usher in one of the most popular seasons of the year.

Plus, the business opportunities are endless. Not only can you make fun, fall layered designs for t-shirts, but you can also decorate mugs, tote bags, hats, and much more.

It’s easy to sell fall products in bundles, like a matching hoodie and tote bag or a matching beanie with a sweater.

Many people love to start decorating their homes during the fall season and will keep them up until Christmas comes around!

This gives you plenty of time to get ahead of the game and be able to sell custom products with these trendy colors incorporated.

So, what are these trending colors, you ask?

Let’s talk about them below!


Orange is largely recognized by many as the official color of fall, and for good reason.

Pumpkins, Halloween decorations, and fallen leaves all have some orange in them, and every time you turn around, you’ll be sure to see the cheery and mysterious color at this time of year.

What’s a good fall-themed shirt without a splash of orange?

This fall color won’t have people guessing what you’re trying to convey with your design.

Simply incorporate any fall icon (hint- a pumpkin, a witch on a broom, or a leaf) into your print, and people will snap them up faster than you can say “Trick or Treat!”

Now, let’s move on to the second trending fall color, Kelly Green.


It’s not just green, it’s Kelly-Green Glitter, and there’s a huge difference.

Conversely, the sparkle of bright, vivid green complements orange and all the other fall colors on this list.

That extra shine works particularly well with a plain or muted background and when you want a particular design element to stand out.

Green and fall may seem like opposites, mostly because green signifies spring and fresh grass. But this is exactly why it’s a popular hue for those who want to rebel against the oncoming cold.

For some people, wearing green is like putting out a beacon of hope that says, “nature may be shedding now, but it will be reborn next year!”

Believe it or not, Kelly Green will be making its appearance this fall season and so will the next color…


Brown is a safe and solid option for apparel and t-shirt design. It’s not as boring as white, and it has enough draw to capture a viewer’s attention. Brown is inviting, casual, and down to earth

This color can also be used to incorporate earthy elements into a t-shirt print.

Brown and orange leaves give off that fall vibe and add more depth than working with orange alone. The neutral hue fits the fall theme better than white or gray.

That’s why when shopping for fall themed clothing, home décor, and more, you spot tons of brown hues everywhere!

Next time you take a step into a store that sells home décor, you’ll see what we mean.

Let’s move on to our fourth color on this list!


We absolutely adore the color gold and the way it instantly enriches a design or theme.

You could say that we included gold on this list because of our preference, but it actually works out quite well as a standalone or combined with other fall colors!

You can start with a gold print for your t-shirt and go from there, and the end design will still be undoubtedly related to fall.

Or you can make use of its instant “look at me!” appeal and sprinkle it all around your design to add value and color.

Gold is the preferred color for those who want boldness in their apparel. As an added bonus, it’s also the color of maple leaves as they flutter to the ground!

Like gold, the fifth color we’re going to talk about really stands out and adds some pizazz to any substrate!


Bronze glitter is somewhat similar to brown visually, but with a few notable exceptions.

It’s the more glamorous cousin that can still complement the earthy colors associated with fall.

You can usually substitute brown with bronze glitter to get the same effect, albeit in a shinier form.

The color exudes that “come hither” appeal, where people will wonder how it feels when they put a hand over the garment.

It’s a trending fall color this year mostly because of the sparkles that come with the print.

As muted colors begin to come out in multitudes, the glitters stand out from the crowd. It’s resplendent, glorious, and yet still grounded to mother nature.

Having trendy colors of the season isn’t the only part about a customization business that’s important.

Making sure you have high-quality products like heat transfer vinyl will set your business apart from others who may just gather a ton of cheaper products that they know they will go through during the holiday seasons.

That’s why we recommend our in-house brand, Triton Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Not only is it affordable, offered in all these colors, and easy to work with but it’s great for layering and feels great!

With Triton vinyl, you don’t have to worry about the cutting or weeding process either. This brand is known to be extremely easy to weed and cuts like butter.

Plus, when the fall season is over, you can expect the same kind of quality in this vinyl all year round.

So now, you have a short guide to what colors are trending right now.

You can’t go wrong with these five popular fall colors for 2022. There’s a high level of familiarity with them.

When people see these colors, the fall season will immediately come to mind.



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