How to Use The MagnetFrame Kit
For The Avance
Embroidery Machines

If you’ve just purchased a MagnetFrame kit and want someone to show you how it works and how to use it, then stick around to the end of this instructional article.

You’ll read about two models of this kit — each one is designed for use with either the Avance 1201C or 1501C embroidery machines.

So, if you own either of these machines, then you’ll learn things such as:

✅What is the MagnetFrame?
✅What comes in the box?
✅How to Install the MagnetFrame on your embroidery machine.
✅Demo — Making all of this work for a project.

First, let’s understand what the MagnetFrame Kit is and why you need one.

What is the MagnetFrame Kit?

You’re probably looking at this set scratching your head… thinking: ‘’What is this thing?’’

Well, the main purpose of the MagnetFrame Kit is to hold the garment in place tightly until your embroidery machine is done punching out the design.

The secret is all in the MagStik “technology” — the magnets produce an invisible magnetic force that locks ANY type of garment in place making it tighter and easier to embroider on.

It’s especially good for hard-to-hoop areas, like, collars, cuffs, pockets, or sleeves.

But, like with any good technology, the MagFrame’s application extends well beyond that. 

This kit allows you to embroider on large-scale items like towels, totes, or on the back of a jacket.

So, now you have a better idea of what it is that the MagnetFrame Kit does.

Next, let’s look at what comes in the box when it lands on your doorstep.

What Comes In The Box?

Remember, the MagnetFrame Kit comes in two different models: one designed for the Avance 1201C embroidery machine and one for its big brother, the 1501C.

Each kit comes with its own set of items — so, let’s take a look at each kit.

MagnetFrame Kit for the Avance 1201C

When you finally get around to unboxing the MagnetFrame Kit for the Avance 1201C, you’ll see all kinds of items, from brackets to frames and everything in between.

On that note, here’s a full rundown of parts and pieces that come with your package:

(1) U-Frame

(8) Different Mag-Windows

(4) 2″ MagStiks

(4) 4″ MagStiks

(1) Left Bracket

(1) Right Bracket

(1) Bracket Connect Plate

(2) 15.5″ Grip Ears (For the 1201C) 

(2) 14″ Grip Ears (For the 1501C)

For more product information, click here.

MagnetFrame Kit for Avance 1201C

MagnetFrame Kit for the Avance 1501C

MagnetFrame Kit for Avance 1501C


So, what comes in the box for the MagnetFrame Kit that’s compatible with the Avance 1501C?

For under $500, this kit includes everything needed to embroider all kinds of materials with ease.

See here for a complete list of all the parts that come with the kit:

(1) U-Frame

(8) Different Mag-Windows

(4) 2″ MagStiks

(4) 4″ MagStiks

(2) 14″ Ears

For more product information, click here.

How to Install the MagnetFrame Kit on Your Embroidery Machine

Next comes the fun part — it’s time for some hands on action! You’ll need to learn how to install the kit on your embroidery machine.

Lucky for you, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions for you to use! 

Keep in mind that the following instructions are a demonstration for the kit that fits the 1202C, since it has additional parts. 

However, with the purchase of the MagnetFrame Kit for the 1201C, you also receive the necessary parts for the 1501C installation. 

You may find that you can skip some of these steps if you’ve purchased the MagnetFrame Kit for the Avance 1501C machine only.

So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Remove Screws from the Brackets Using a 3mm Allen Key

For the first step, you want to start with the left and right brackets also referred to as the arms in these instructions. Put them down in front of you, then take a 3mm allen key and remove the screws from each bracket. 

When you’re done, move on to the second step.

Step 1 - Remove Screws from The Arms Using 3mm Allen Key

Step 2: Fasten the Brackets to the Pantograph or Bracket Connect Plate

Having taken out the screws from the brackets, the second step is to fasten the brackets to the pantograph, or bracket connect plate. The way it works is simple. 

You see, the brackets have a slot mechanism — you simply slide the bracket connect plate into these slots and lock them in place with screws.

But, you want to ensure that you place the brackets in the right place on the plate.

We chose to place the right bracket in the third and fourth hole. For the left bracket, we positioned it into the sliding mechanism making sure the screws are NOT over-tightened.

You want to make sure that the right bracket has enough room to move around freely for the next step.

Step 3: Add the U-Frame to the Left and Right Brackets

Now you are ready for the third step! 

In this step, you need to screw on the correct grip ears and add the U-Frame to the left and right brackets. Depending on which kit you bought will determine which ears you will use.

Note: The 1201C kit will come with BOTH sets of grip ears, one for the 1201C (15.5″ ears) and one for the 1501C (14″ ears). However, the MagnetFrame Kit for the 1501C will only come with its corresponding grip ears. In the video above, the 15.5″ grip ears are already screwed onto the U-Frame. 

After the grip ears are screwed on, it’s time to add the U-Frame to the brackets.  

What’s cool about these brackets is that they make it easy for the grip ears to slide into place. We are adding the U-Frame in this step, temporarily to make sure we have the left bracket adjusted correctly before tightening the screws and placing it on the machine. 

Grab the U-Frame and slide the left bracket over until it lines up with the left grip ear. Snap the grip ear into place under the clip on the bracket. It should clip right into the first hole. Then tighten the loose screws onto the bracket connect plate. 

Next, snap the right grip ear into place under the clip on the right bracket, as you did with the other side to ensure that the U-Frame fits. 

Next, remove the U-Frame again by sliding it out from the clips so that we can install the bracket connect plate to the machine. 

Step 4: Install the MagnetFrame on Your Embroidery Machine

To finish this off, the last step is to install the MagnetFrame on your Avance embroidery machine.

Remove the old pantograph plate from the machine by twisting the two black thumb screws on the machine. 

Then lift the entire plate right off. Save the black thumb screws for the installation of the new bracket connect plate. 

Next, slide the new bracket connect plate into the same spot on the embroidery machine. Make sure to line up the holes on the bracket connect plate with the pegs on the machine. 

On the left side of the bracket connect plate, there are two holes. The left peg on the machine should sit in the second hole of the plate. 

On the right side, there are four holes. The right peg on the machine should sit on the first hole. 

After it’s set correctly on the pegs, twist the thumbscrews back on to tighten everything up.

You’ll notice that the frame might be off centered. Select “no frame” on your machine and position it into the center.

Next, add your U-Frame back onto the left and right brackets by snapping the ears into place like you did in the previous step. 

Note: You can choose to either hoop your garment onto the U-Frame using the mag-window/frame of your choice before or after adding adding the U-Frame back onto the machine. Do what ever is easiest for you. 

Depending on what you are embroidering on, choose the correct size Mag-window, or frame. Each window/frame has holes on them that will also hold the pegs into place once the center thumbscrew is twisted tight.

One thing that is important to note in both scenarios is to ensure that any of the mag-windows/frames you use are placed on the machine with the curved end facing down. 

For the magnets in this kit, the bigger ones are primarily used with the bigger frames, while the small ones are used with the smaller frames. 

Backing choice is up to you and what you think works best for the garment you are embroidering on. 

If you chose to hoop your garment after, leave the thumbscrew on the center of the U-Frame loose so that you can easily install the mag-window/frame of your choice. Add your backing and garment to the frame and secure it into place with the magnets. 

Now, if you decide to hoop your garment on the U-Frame before it’s placed on the machine, you will place the backing of your choice between the garment and add the window/frame underneath it. Once it’s in the desired location for the embroidery design, secure the backing and window/frame into place with the magnets. The magnets will attach to each side of the window/frame. 

Tip: Make sure to smooth out your garment while you are adding the magnets into place for a tight and secure embroidery surface. 

Remember with items like tote bags and shirts to thread it on the machine under the needle plate and not over top to avoid embroidering on both sides of the garment. Move any handles out of the way as well. 

Once that’s done, you will add the U-Frame back onto the machine, with the pegs sitting in the holes and secure it into place by twisting the middle thumbscrew tight. 

Next you load up your design and go through the basic steps in the control panel of your machine to get ready to sew.  

Step 4: Install the MagnetFrame on Your Embroidery Machine

Demo — Making All This Work on A Real Project!

How about something fun, after reading through a wall of instructions?

At this moment, you’re probably dying to see how the MagnetFrame kit works during a project. Watch the demo below to see how we used the MagnetFrame Kitgs for a few projects!

Final Thoughts: What Did You Learn Today?

If you’ve made it this far, the question should be, “What haven’t you learned?”

As you’ve come to learn, MagFrames make embroidery easier and less time-consuming. Thus, it’s a must-have tool for any embroiderer!

If you already have it, congratulations! You’ve done yourself a favor. If you’re on the fence about picking it up, do not overthink it.

You’re buying speed and highly refined hardware — you’ll use it almost every day for months and years on end.

For all the bells and whistles — it even comes with several different frame styles — so you can sew designs on a wide range of items. With this in mind, the MagFrame is easy to set up and easy to use! 



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