What Are The Most Popular Shirts for Decorating?

What Are The Most Popular
Shirts for Decorating?

Do you own a custom clothing company? Or… you’re looking to start one? No matter at what stage you are, you need blanks — plain pieces of fabric on which you can embroider or print designs.

It’s no secret that different types of blanks are available; you can purchase anything from blank masks and blank caps to jackets and accessories.

But it would be too much to cover in a single article, so today we’ll just focus on shirts. What are the apparel decorator’s go-to shirts? Read on to find out.

District Perfect Weight Tee

The first most popular shirt is District Perfect Weight Tee… it comes in at an average price of $4.50 — and it checks all the boxes — for starters, the fabric is made of 100% cotton. This makes the shirt feel super soft to the skin. You will feel comfortable wearing it all day as it gives your skin a chance to breathe.

It has everything you could ever want… and more! It’s lightweight, striking in its’ deep rich color, and versatile. It’s great for all the different types of decoration methods; DTG printing, DTF transfers, white toner transfers, heat transfer vinyl, and spangles.

Feel: Soft
Color: Richest Black
Fit: True-to-Size
Price: ~ $4.50

Now, let’s look at the second most popular tee.

Port & Company Essential Tee

If there is a brand people love and trust, it’s definitely Port & Company. And for good reason… for over 20 years they’ve been making high-quality clothing. They offer a wide range of apparel for kids and adults. But, one product that stands out from the rest is the Essential Tee. It’s been voted as ‘’most popular’’ by groups, teams, clubs, and schools across America.

Why? The average price of a tee is $3.50 and is worth every penny and more! It offers a good-looking black color, however, compared to the previous shirt, the color on this one is more muted. What’s more, it’s made for both women and men — slightly oversize fit, but super cozy and comfortable.

Feel: Rough
Color: Muted Black
Fit: Oversized
Price: ~ $3.50

Speaking of unisex, here’s another shirt you might be interested in…

BELLA + CANVAS Unisex Heather Tee

Our third most popular tee is BELLA + CANVAS Unisex Heather Tee. Right away from the look, you can tell that this is not just your solid black tee. This is a heathered black, so… it has a speckled look to it.

Made from a durable blend of cotton and polyester, the shirt feels incredibly soft to the touch and can be worn all day long.

Its unisex design appeals to both sexes; men or women. And fits just as well for men as it does for women, it’s meant to feel more fitted. They call this a ‘’retail fit’’, so it’s not going to be as boxy of a t-shirt as the Port & Company we talked about before. So, if your customers want a more slouchy fit, we recommend sizing up one size.

All in all, you can never go wrong with this shirt — it’s popular, it’s trendy — and the price reflects its worth. Coming in at $6.50 or so… it sells like hotcakes, much like the next t-shirt we’re going to talk about.

Feel: Soft
Color: Heathered Black
Fit: Retail Fit
Price: ~ $6.50

Next Level Unisex CVC Tee

Our fourth most popular tee is the Next Level Unisex Tee. This is also a blend like the BELLA + CANVAS shirt. But in terms of feel, it’s very comparable to the District Tee that we talked about first in the article.

But there’s a notable difference in colors. Just look at the image below with both shirts side-by-side… can you see the difference? It looks to us that there’s a difference in colors — District Tee appears to be a much richer black.

When we look at pricing, the Next Level Tee costs about $6.00, so it’s more affordable than the BELLA + CANVAS Tee. But, it is more expensive than the District Tee that has a much richer black color. So, something to think about there…

Something else to consider is fit. While the Next Level shirt is also unisex it’s a little more fitted, but definitely not as fitted as the BELLA + CANVAS shirt. It’s most comparable to the District Tee.

Like our previous BELLA + CANVAS shirt, this is a blend, so this would NOT be great for DTG printing. Our preferred decoration methods are going to be DTF transfers, white toner transfers, and heat transfer vinyl.

Feel: Soft
Color: Muted Black
Fit: True-to-Size
Price: ~ $6.00

Now, let’s move on to our fifth most popular shirt which is the Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt.

Gildan Heavy 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Just because the Gildan shirt is ranked fifth on our list doesn’t mean it is worse than others. It’s quite the opposite, it’s still a very popular shirt among apparel decorators. Just like other t-shirts we have at www.colmanandcompany.com! Just browse through our vast collection of t-shirts and pick the ones you like the best.

Like the name of the shirt says; it is made of 100% cotton, so it’s a little bit thicker and rougher than some of our other shirts. It makes it ideal for DTG printing, DTF transfers, white toner transfers, and heat transfer vinyl.

The main reason this shirt is ranking so high on our list of popularity is that this is a great value t-shirt. It costs about $ 3.00, so it’s the cheapest shirt of all the five shirts we’ve talked about today. But when it comes to color… we find it duller, and more muted compared to other shirts.

Feel: Rough
Color: Muted Black
Fit: Oversized
Price: ~ $3.00