How to Sublimate 15oz Mugs with the Galaxy Mug Press  

The Galaxy Mug Press is a great, affordable option to customize 11oz and 15oz mugs without having to change the heating element.  

Below we’ve provided instructions on how to sublimate a 15oz mug using the Galaxy Mug Press. 

Step 1: Print the design on sublimation paper with your sublimation printer (We recommend using the Sawgrass SG1000 or SG500). 

Step 2: Wrap the printed transfer around the mug with your design in the desired position and secure it in place with heat tape. 

Step 3: Place the mug in the Galaxy Mug Press and close it, being careful not to break the handle when doing so. 

We had our mug press set at 320 degrees Fahrenheit with a medium pressure for 40 seconds.  

Note: You will notice that when the mug is placed in the press, the temperature will drop. Once it reaches back up to the set temperature of 320 degrees, the 40 second timer will go off.  

Step 4: Carefully remove the mug from the press and set to the side to cool. 

Step 5: After cooling off, remove the heat tape from the mug to reveal your decorated mug! 

Tip: Make sure to remove the heat tape carefully, without shifting the transfer or the mug around to help prevent ghosting. 

Now that you’ve learned how to sublimate ceramic mugs using the Galaxy Mug Press, you can add these drinkware options to your business or start a custom mug business inexpensively. 

The Galaxy Mug Press is easy to use and is the ideal machine for your sublimation needs.  

To learn more about sublimation printing, call (877) 793-3278 and live chat with one of our pros!