Roll Cutting Machines and Options

Planning to get a roll cutting machine? Read this article and learn about the roll cutting machines and options.

For business owners and contractors considering expanding into operations requiring roll cutting, the GEMfix machines are a solid and smart investment.

Colman and Company, a division of Coldesi, offers everything you need for roll cutting.

From machines of all sizes to replacement motors, encoders, and tension regulator cards, we’ve got you covered.

Uses for Roll Cutting Machines

There are endless opportunities that come with the purchase of a roll cutting machine

Cutting out vinyl sheets, stickers, or other custom paper sizes by hand can take unrealistic labor hours. And can cause issues with the workers themselves with repetitive motion injuries, possible cuts, etc. 

Fast, safe, and efficient roll cutters can easily transform wholesale rolls of paper, vinyl, or other materials into sheets of all sizes – for any use!

What Are Some Example Applications
for a Roll Cutting Machine?

If you’re thinking of expanding your business revenue or even starting a new project, here are a few business ideas and popular uses for the GEMfix paper roll cutters.

Wholesale Vinyl to Retail Vinyl Conversions

Cutting large rolls of wholesale heat transfer vinyl into manageable sheets for smaller users who are making custom t-shirts. Most HTV comes in 15” x 5-yard rolls – and those will not fit in a hobby cutter. They may also be too expensive for a home user or to sell in retail outlets.

Doing the same with big rolls of sign vinyl that Cricut users might use to create small signs to sell on Etsy, or even decorate hard goods.

For example, FDC Lumina comes in 48” wide x 10-yard-long rolls. What does a small user do if they want to use it? Look for someone with a roll cutter – slitter!

Transfer Tape for Production Bling

Another product-set in the custom t-shirt or apparel decoration world that uses rolls of material is in hotfix rhinestone or spangle t-shirt transfers.

The transfer paper used, much like rolled vinyl, comes in large rolls, but in this case ALL the machines that use them only use the material in SHEETS. So there’s a need for roll to sheet cutting built in!

One example is a roll of low tac transfer paper for rhinestone machines that is 12” x 100Meters. It sells for $154, while 12” sheets sell for about $.96 each in packs. It’s simple math to see why you might want to bring that cutting in house.

The CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Transfer Machine is the most popular way to make rhinestone apparel/transfers and the biggest users take advantage of Gemfix roll cutting machines.

Cutting and Slitting Machines for Paper

Depending on your business or project idea, there’s probably a large paper roll just waiting to be cut and distributed.

The GEMfix machine cutters can work with the following types of rolls:

  • Heat to transfer rolls (HTV) for rhinestones and gems
  • Sticky embroidery or sticker paper
  • Opaque and glitter vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Teflon
  • Printing paper
  • Plastics and bubble wrap
  • Magnetic paper and other backings
  • Foil paper
  • Packing or craft paper
  • Photo paper
  • Thin tissue or plotting paper
Yes, that’s a long list of options, and even more that we haven’t mentioned!

Is Purchasing a Paper Roll Cutter Worth the Money?

With so many business and project ideas to choose from, you may be wondering if the investment of a paper roll cutting machine is worth it.

You’ve really just got to take a look at your individual needs and do the math. Rolls to Sheets. Cost vs Sale Price.

Or, for internal use, machine cost vs. labor cost.

But don’t forget a few important intangibles, like higher safety ratings (GEMFix cutters are CE certified) and employee satisfaction.

Overall Rating 5.0

Answers to your Basic Roll Cutter Slitter Questions

How do you increase revenue? Speed things up!

The GEMfix roll cutters can cut as closely as once every 3cm up to once every 100m.

For any materials, thick or thin, the roll to sheet cutters can effectively manage 450 cuts per hour.

The larger the wholesale roll, the more you’ll save. With this in mind, our team can help you find a suitable cutter for your needs.

For example, the 160XC model can work with roll cores up to 63” wide and a maximum cutting width of 59.5”. If that’s a bit above your necessary criteria, we also offer a popular 60XC model which cuts 24” rolls and has a max cutting width of 20”, and more sizes in between.

The GEMfix cutters use a 110V outlet, 4-amps of power, and a high-powered air compressor to hold a roll weight of up to 80lbs.

Our machines provide reliable power and speed to keep your production working soundly.

When you purchase a GEMfix roll cutter, maintenance won’t be a big concern as our high-quality machines are built to last.
Your roll cutting machine will require regular cleaning and care like any automated machinery. Changing rolls is simple and easy and can be performed by in-house workers without touching the blades.

Blade replacement is stress-free as the GEMfix cutters use standard, flat utility blades available at any hardware store or purchased through the Colman website.

Parts that wear over time and can be replaced in the field include:

  • Drive belts
  • Drive motors
  • Encoders
  • Blades
  • Rollers
  • Panel buttons

Plus – An Unbeatable Warranty and Rewards

In addition, our machines come with a two-year warranty on mechanical parts and a one-year warranty on electrical components. The manufacturer handles all warranties and technical assistance.

With Colman and Company’s Member’s Reward Program, you can earn points from your initial purchase to use on maintenance costs or replacement parts in the future!

Financing a Roll Cutter

Contact the Colman and Company team to learn how you can purchase your machine and parts through our flexible financing option. Have your machine shipped to you for as low as $410/ month (with approved credit, terms and conditions apply).

Next Steps

Purchasing a paper cutter through our flexible financing options can be the perfect investment to expand and diversify your business and production projects.

You can get pre-approved for equipment financing here at QuickSpark.

While a cutting machine or splitter can feel like a significant investment for your business the options and increased revenue are well worth the cost.

Overall Rating 5.0


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