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Best Roll Slitter for the Money

Read this article and learn what's the best roll slitter you can buy right now.

GEMfix XC rolled material cutters are available in several different sizes and prices and can produce 450 cuts her hour at 30cm length.

Colman and Company, a division of Coldesi Inc., carries a number of GEMfix material cutters with a roll slitter option for vinyl and paper splitting. 

Machines are available in various widths: 

  • 60xc –  57 cm roll width (most popular)
  • 110xc – 107cm roll width
  • 120xc – 117cm roll width
  • 130xc – 127cm roll width
  • 160xc – 152cm roll width
Keep reading to find out which is the best roll slitter for the money and how to finance a roll slitter for as low as 410/ month (with approved credit, terms and conditions apply).

What Do People Use a Roll Slitter For?

There are a variety of uses for one of these GemFix machines. 

Often, purchasing a high-quality roll slitting machine will help increase productivity and reduce material costs because you can buy in bigger, more cost effective rolls, then cut them down yourself.

And the XC line is perfect for this. 

A slitter machine uses a large, circular blade to cut through a roll of material such a paper or vinyl.

GEMfix XC cutter machines can both cut down through the core of rolls or convert the roll into sheets of various sizes.

Overall Rating 5.0

Roll to Sheet Cutter Machine and Roll Slitter and Uses:

Thinking of starting or expanding a business? Here are a few ideas to get you started. Investing in a quality roll to sheet cutter machine can:

  • Make and create retail products from material such as rolls of transfer paper, opaque and glitter vinyl, fabric, plastic and bubble wrap, and backings and foam core. 

  • Produce packs of stickers or labels for retail or distribution.

  • Create vinyl transfers for textiles, signs, or fabrics. 

  • Add gems to fabrics to become part of this growing retail industry.

  • And so many more possibilities!

Cutting Down Heat Transfer Vinyl

One good example is that a business that sells vinyl transfers ALSO sells small, Cricut-sized, sheets of HTV for hobbyists in the area. 

They might buy a 15” X 5 Yard roll of Triton heat transfer vinyl and then cut it into 12” or 10” pieces for resale. The big rolls may cost under $40, but the single sheets can sell for as much as $5.00 EACH!

For these basic cutting functions and HTV production techniques, the affordable GEMfix roll cutter machine 60XC is a popular and effective option. The 60XC cutter machine is priced at $5,695.

Gemfix Slitter Benefits:

A fast and well-built vinyl or paper roll slitter can also increase productivity and efficiency:

  • Increase productivity with faster splitting time. GEMfix roll to sheet cutters can cut at a speed of 450 cuts per hour.

  • Increase revenue through higher productivity and faster production. With a fully automatic roll cutter, lower labor time and costs. 

  • Reduce costs by purchasing larger master rolls versus costly pre-cut rolls.

  • Reliability – Feel confident that your machine is working at full capacity whenever you need it. The GEMfix XC cutters are reliable and efficient, with low maintenance costs and labor required. 

  • Safety – Thanks to our paper and vinyl roll slitter machines’ fully-automatic cutting functions, laborers and machine operators’ safety becomes the first priority. Operators do not need to touch the blades, which significantly reduces potential accidents. 
Colman and Company’s GEMfix cutter machine line comprices a range of reliable, efficient, and trustworthy machines. You’ll have peace of mind that your production is running smoothly.
Overall Rating 5.0

Will a Vinyl Roll Slitter work on ALL Vinyl?

Will a cutter machine labeled as a paper roll slitter also work as a vinyl roll slitter? 

The answer is yes! GEMfix cutter machines will work on most standard and custom vinyl rolls.

Aside from cutting paper, plastic, foam, and fabric, our GEMfix XC roll to sheet cutters are also highly effective for vinyl cutting like we mentioned above. 

Here are a few of the ways to use a vinyl roll slitter.

  • HTV – Use your vinyl roll cutter for heat to transfer vinyl rolls
  • Vinyl Signs – Create vinyl signs of any size for retail or production.
  • Vinyl Masking – Make vinyl mask sheets for vinyl transfers.
  • Glitter Vinyl – Create products and textiles using glitter vinyl sheets and transfer techniques.

Your vinyl roll slitter will work on a variety of different vinyl materials. For non-standard wholesale roll materials, reach out to our team to see which machine option is right for your project or business.

Slitting Alternative and Unique Materials

Are you working with a variety of unique or alternative materials? While vinyl and paper roll cutting is the most common uses of the slitter machines, GEMfix XC machines are also useful for various other, more specific materials. 

Whatever you have in mind for your project or business, it’s likely that the vinyl roll cutter from Colman and Company’s GEMfix XC line can handle it. 

  • Thin Plastic – The GEMfix XC machines are available for any material thickness or weight. Specializing in thin wrap plastics is a great opportunity with high revenue. 

  • Materials for Printing – Creating custom materials for printing on paper, vinyl, or other materials.

  • Manufactured Goods – Have a unique idea for manufactured goods? The GEMfix XC cutters are available in the size you need for your specific products. 

  • Wholesale to Retail – Purchasing master rolls in larger wholesale sizes can be marketed at custom sizes after using the vinyl roll slitter to convert rolls from wholesale sizes to retail sizes. Many production companies purchase these custom rolls for specific uses.

  • Converter – There is also a large market for converting rolls to sheets for production companies that use specific sheet sizes. For example, food distribution factories use specific plastic bag sizes but do not have the time or tools to convert wholesale rolls to custom sizes.

For larger or more specific vinyl sheet cutting sizes, GEMfix XC machines are available for 107cm, 117cm, 127cm, and 152cm roll width. The price for these options ranges between $5,900 and $10,400.


There are a variety of uses for a high-quality sheet to roll cutter machine.

 A vinyl roll slitter can offer increased revenue, higher productivity, reduced costs and labor time, and even create new potential business opportunities. For most projects and basic cutting needs, the 60XC machine is a cost-effective and reliable option.

Create goods for retail, transform rolls to sheets, convert wholesale master rolls to custom cut rolls. The possibilities are endless!

Coldesi’s line of GEMfix XC rolled material cutter machines are fast, efficient, and reliable. 

Take your business to the next level with a GEMfix roll slitter from Colman and Company! 

Contact our team for more information on our roll slitter financing options. 


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