Tips for Heat Pressing Custom Face Masks

With Cap Press

If you are making custom face masks it may be the perfect time to invest in a cap press. In many of our videos we have been using the Hotronix Cap Press to help us customize masks. The curved platen seems to fit the contour of most masks perfectly. But some masks with more prominent beaks are not the best fit for this method..

Teflon Pillow

If your mask doesn’t completely conform to the curved platen and there is some extra loose material, a Teflon pillow can help fill in the gap. The Teflon pillows come in a variety of size so you can choose what will work best for your style of face mask. You simply put the pillow on top of the cap press platen, then place your mask on top and fit it in place.

With traditional clamshell, drawer or swing-away press

We offer a couple products that can help you get even temperature and pressure when customizing face masks with a traditional heat press.

Flexible Finishing Sheet

The flexible finishing sheet conforms to the indents on your mask and will help with getting even temperature and heat to your transfer.

Perfect Print Pad

The perfect print pads come in different sizes and can be used to elevate the area of your mask that you are applying a transfer. For mask with a lot of material It can be helpful to stack two pads of different sizes making a pyramid like structure for the transfer to get even heat and pressure.

Lower Heat Press Platen Pad

Recently we have been using this method for custom masks in house. The lower heat press platen pad comes in one size at 16 x 20. It can then be cut up into sizes that perfectly fit your mask and transfer size. These pads are made of the same material as your heat press pad so they can withstand heat. If you are using one style of mask consistently, this method is best because you can cut the pad into several molds that can be used all at the same time, allowing you to heat press multiple masks at once.

Things to keep in mind: