How Making “Work from Homes Gifts” can Help Your Business Succeed

Making work from home gifts is a great way to market your business for more than just custom t-shirts. It gives you the opportunity to expand your business by selling more products to your current customers and exposes you to a new customer base.

What is a Work from Home Gift also known as Kitting.

A kit is like a bundle of little gifts. These gifts are for your customers to give to their employees. The process of putting the gifts together is called kitting. Your customers will give these “kits” to both new and old employees. They can either send them through the mail as work from home gifts or give them in person at the office..

Why is Kitting Important Right Now

Kitting does a couple things: it boosts employee morale, can increase the companies brand awareness and can be a great welcoming tool.

Employee morale

Your customers may have their employees working from home. They might feel especially disconnected to their work families right now. Employees like to take pride in where they work and the company that they represent. So, receiving custom apparel and accessories as a work from home gift is a great morale booster.

Brand Awareness

If you look in your drawer right now, odds are that you have tons of branded t-shirts. We wear them to the grocery store, the gas station and just walking the dog in the neighborhood. Whether you realize it or not you are a walking advertisement for the company whose logo is on your shirt. By creating custom apparel for your customers, you can have your work walking around town and your customers company is able to have their logo out in public.

Welcoming Tool

With positions shifting, people are starting new careers and right now their first day at a new job might be virtual. Sending a nice work from home gift filled with company “swag” is a great way to make those new employees feel welcome.

What to Include in a "Work from Home" Gift Bundle?

For our custom gift bundle, we included a mix of apparel and accessories. Colman and Company carries a variety of blanks in different styles and colors, so you can easily put together a matching set for you work from home gift bundle.

Port Authority Full Length Apron with Pockets

An apron is a great gift because it is useful and fun! Cooking at home has become super popular and some people have become pretty good chefs by now. Aprons are an easy thing to customize with both a DigitalHeat FX System and Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Port Authority Convention Tote

Totes can be used for SO many different things and more importantly good quality, blank totes are very affordable!

District V.I.T. Face Mask

Basically, a face mask has become the new mandatory accessory.  Adding them to your custom apparel business is a great idea. Including them in your gift bundle shows your customers and future customers that you can provide custom face masks.

How to Sell a "Work from Home" Gift Kit

Reach out to them and find out if they are hiring new people, have staff working from home or kind of ‘business as usual.’ This can be a check-in type of call. “Hey Joe, I am just calling to check-in.”

They are hiring new people

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Pitch the idea of a welcome kit. People are nervous about a new job and a welcome gift is a great way to get them excited about their new position. Show them that you are an amazing company to work for with a welcome kit.

They have staff working from home

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Ask them if they notice their staff seeming less connected, or more frustrated. Chances are this new work-from-home experience for them comes with frustrations. They can provide a gift to boost morale and really show their staff they appreciate them.

Business as usual

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If this is the case it’s even more reason for them to provide employees gifts. Remind them that holidays are coming up soon (because there always is one.) Also put together a birthday kit, this can be something they give to every employee on their birthday.

Selling kits to new customers

Finding new customers can be a challenge but here are a few tips for using kits to help attract new customers.

Start looking for businesses most likely to buy from you. This might be from referrals from current customers or just businesses / organizations in your niche. Once you locate a hot prospect give them a mini-kit. Maybe it’s a mask and a t-shirt. You can personalize it with their logo, or just put something fun or cute on it.

Use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Etsy, eBay to pitch kits like mentioned in this article. Get creative in finding the right people online.

You can take out ads in local websites or print publications. This might be something like the Chamber of Commerce, Local Clubs, Schools, etc.

Anywhere you can meet people online or in-person, go there. Tell people what you do, share pictures of kits and plant seeds of ideas.

Ask your customers to refer you to others. If you meet someone and they aren’t a customer, ask if they know someone else who might be. Word of mouth can be huge for your business.

The bottom line for selling Work from Home Gifts or other types of kits is to get the word out, be excited about the idea and have great examples to show. People LOVE these kits, and the excitement will lead to more business and referrals



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