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FREE ART: Truckers deliver what the world needs, every day & night. Thank you

“The way I see it. If you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton

Truck drivers all of the country know the truth of this statement every mile they move. They know working a little harder can help a lot of people. They know their own personal rainbow is coming when then finally get back home to friends and family.

There are plenty of people who always have to push through for us, and truckers are absolutely part of that group. It doesn’t matter if it’s the day after a hurricane or they are rush delivering medical supplies. Our truckers come through!

Let’s not forget the sacrifice their families make too. Their spouses and children might be expecting them home…. and they get a call that it’s going to be a little while longer.

Today, we come together to thank all the hard working drivers out there bringing us everything we need. Next time you pop open a bottle, a can, a box or a bag… thank a trucker for getting it to you. 

Use the below designs to encourage and appreciate the every day heroes around us. 

Share these designs with fellow apparel & accessory decorators to spread hope, love and appreciation for  Truckers and their loved ones. 

Feel free to use and share this art.

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Recommended Colors

Triton Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Glitter Colors

Royal Thread Colors

Proud Trucker Wife

  • Color 1 – Pink P230
  • Color 2 – Red P049

Trucker Tough 9-5

  • Color 1 – Black – P180

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