Free Art: Support the Medical Community

“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

You’ve heard a lot of praise for Doctors and Nurses, and it’s very well deserved.  In our lives so many of them have made us feel better. These people have studied hard, worked tirelessly and lead our community to health every day.

Let’s also take a little extra time to thank ALL of the medical community! Use this art to provide support for :

  • CNAs
  • Pharmacists and Techs
  • Therapists
  • Home Health Aides
  • Lab Techs
  • Phlebotomists

The below art is inspired by all types of people in the medical community. These range from volunteers to top tier professionals.

What can you do with this art?

Start a charity sale. Sell apparel to your local community with a portion of the profits going towards a needed charity. (Food banks, Medical Charities, Local Police/Sheriff/Fire)

Open an Etsy / Ebay Store. People love to support their friends and family. Just like the above you can even do this in combination with a charity share.

Facebook Marketplace. Many local people will like the idea of being able to buy local and support local. You can use a service like to pay for USPS shipping and not leave the house.

Give it as a gift. This is a simple and obvious one, but still a great idea. If you have free time or want to do projects with kids make some hats, t-shirts, bags, bandannas, etc

Just share it. Send this article to any of your fellow apparel / accessory decorators. Share in groups or just ping a friend. There aren’t any specific usage rights or royalties. This art is to use and share with anyone.

Download Raster and Vectror Art

Download Embroidery Files

Nurse art released last week

Feel free to use and share this art.

Download Digitized – Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Download Digitized – True American Hero Art

Download All Vector and Raster Art

Recommended Colors

Triton Heat Transfer Vinyl

Opaque Colors

Glitter Colors

Royal Thread Colors

Not All Heroes Wear Capes Design

  • Color 1 – Red P047
  • Color 2 – Black P180

True American Hero Design

  • Color 1 – White P179
  • Color 2 – Blue P065
  • Color 3 – Red P047
  • Color 4 – Black P180
  • Color 5 – Light Blue P096

Life Saver

  • Color 1 – White P179
  • Color 2 – Prussian Blue P271

Med Life

  • Color 1 – Red P047

Doctors to the Rescue

  • Color 1 – Black P180
  • Color 2 – Sapphire  Blue – P065
  • Color 3 – White – P179
  • Color 4 – Red – P050

Please follow included Run Sheets in Download for color sequences.

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