FREE ART: Positive thoughts and actions spread faster than anything

Friends and Family,

Our world is a series of interconnections. The connection we all have is a two-way street, passing from hand-to-hand both positive and negative. The negative is apparent right now with the world-wide spread of COVID-19.

However, we have an opportunity. We can all show how positive thoughts and actions can spread even more aggressively and with greater speed than the negative. This positivity makes up the inner core of humanity.  Let us join together to raise awareness and kick COVID-19 out of our lives, out of our country and off this earth!

Together with you,

Scott Colman and all of ColDesi

P.S. Here is some art created by one of our own support team for your use and to help spread the positive vibes! A big shout-out to Matt Bell for his artistic talents.

Feel free to use and share this art.

Download Embroidery Files

Download United Art – Raster Images

Download Together Art – Raster Images

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Recommended Colors

Triton Heat Transfer Vinyl

Opaque Colors

Glitter Colors

Royal Thread Colors

Black and Red Design

  • Color 1 – Black P180
  • Color 2 – Red P7147

Pink and Blue Design

  • Color 1 – Pink P027
  • Color 2 – Blue P096

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