Announcing the “Embroidery Grip” for Universal Embroidery Hooping

Tampa, Florida 09/04/2018 – Colman & Company today announced the release of their brand-new hooping device for commercial AND consumer embroidery machines.  The device, which is branded as the “Embroidery Grip” is a universal hooping option available for purchase on the company’s website.


Originally designed for use with the ColDesi flagship embroidery machines, the Avancé 1501C and the two-head 1502, the Embroidery Grip is also made to fit other brands.


Compatible Embroidery Machines and brands include, but are not limited to:

  • Avancé 1501C and 1502
  • Pantograms GS1501
  • Toyota
  • SWF
  • Inbro
  • Brother Commercial
  • Ricoma
  • Redline
  • Janome MB4 [some models]
  • Highland


The Embroidery Grip also has another version for single and multi-needle hobby machines including:

  • Brother / BabyLock with 19.75″ wide hooping frame
  • Baby Lock: Alliance(single-needle)
  • Intrepid and Valiant (and all older 6 & 10 needle machines)
  • Brother: PR100(single-needle), PR670E, PR1050X (and their older versions)


Marc Vila, Marketing Director for Colman and Company said, “When I first saw the Embroidery Grip I thought I would try embroidering the hardest thing I could possibly imagine; embroidery on shoes.” He said.


“And the shoe embroidery turned out looking amazing, so we just continued to put more ‘hard to hoop’ items on the embroidery machine – cap backs, karate belts, dog collars, and so much more.” Said Marc.


The Embroidery Grip was able to handle them all.   Sneakers and other footwear present unique issues for hooping, so almost all embellishment is done before the shoe is assembled. However, the Embroidery Grip’s unique clamping system allows for stable “hooping” of many different footwear designs.


Michael Georgevich, Operations Manager and co-designer of Embroidery Grip said, “We designed the Embroidery Grip so it would fit into standard commercial embroidery machines using the hooping arms that you’ve probably all seen.”


“It goes on your machine like a regular hoop, but there are pincher or clamping arms that extend forward. Those pincers solidly grip the shoe, belt or what have you, so you can embroider on them without slipping. Things that just don’t fit in regular hoops work fine with the Embroidery Grip.”


Georgevich indicated that machine compatibility testing is ongoing and more machines will be added to the list over the coming months.


Embroidery Grip is available for purchase online for $599 and up at and is currently included as part of the “Custom Sneaker Bundle” from ColDesi which can be found here:



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