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Club Membership is Your Investment In Savings

The Paper Savers Club from Digital Heat FX is like investing in your own business savings plan.  It’s a new “membership” plan that gives you exclusive access to savings that will help grow your business.

Applying for membership in the Paper Savers Club is a no-brainer when you have all the facts.

When you own a high-end t-shirt printer like the OKI pro8432WT, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll want to offer the very best quality possible to maximize your sales.

Here are some other no-brainers:

  • The best way to build your reputation is with great service
  • You get what you pay for when it comes to quality
  • You have to be willing to put in the time
  • The MORE you know, the MORE you GROW.

And then, of course, there’s this:  Paying less for supplies leaves more $ in your pocket!

It’s a simple equation, isn’t it?

What Kind of Savings Can I Expect?

If you would typically pay $4,900 or more to print your first thousand t-shirts, and you could instead negotiate that all the way down to only $3,690, wouldn’t you do it?  Wouldn’t you save yourself over $1,200 -if you could?

That’s enough savings to cover AT LEAST three payments* of your digital heat fx system.  Wow!

That’s where our Paper Savers Club (PSC) comes in…   We’ve put together a simple 3 step process that can net you these kinds of savings and give your business a leg up.

But there’s a catch.  (It’s a small catch).  You need to let us know you’re in this for the long run.

*savings and payments approximate, actual savings may vary

How Does the Membership Work?

For every 100 count box of the high-quality EZ Peel Papers that you buy, as a club member, your price is dropped all the way down to $369.  A rock bottom price that ONLY CLUB MEMBERS get.

You don’t even have to buy 1000 sheets of paper up front.  Also, you can keep the savings you earn as you go along.

Step #1 – Call and Enroll

There is a one-time $200 membership charge (your “in this to win this” commitment to us). You then get instant access to our Paper Savers Club pricing.

The best in the industry (platinum level pricing) at $369 +shipping per case (100qty of both the A & B papers).

That’s only $3.69 per sheet for as many logos as you can fit on one sheet!

  • 1 Logo Per Sheet              =             $3.69 per shirt (Full-Size Front or Back)
  • 2 Logos Per Sheet =             $1.85 per shirt (Full- Chest Front or Back)
  • 3 Logos Per Sheet =             $1.23 per shirt ( Left Chest Print, Specialty Items)
  • 6 Logos Per Sheet =             .62 Cents per shirt (sleeve print, cups, mugs, )
  • 12 Logos Per Sheet =             Only .31 Cents per shirt (collar print, branding, labels, )

Step #2 – Choose Your Frequency

The only other commitment from you is to choose your schedule for your automatic shipments and get ready to print!

Would you Prefer your delivery every 30 days or 60 days?  You can change from the 60-day to 30-day or vice versa later.

We understand business needs change. Let us know which schedule best serves you!

Step #3 We Deliver Our End of the Bargain – Done!

That’s it.  Your order will be ready AUTOMATICALLY on the schedule you chose.  When we ship your order, we will run the credit card you assigned during enrollment for $369 + Shipping, and your paper will ship out. 

It’s that easy!

Perks & Program Info:

What if you need to adjust frequency? That’s cool. Just call your sales rep, and we will change it. 60-day to 30-day or 30-day to 60-day.  No questions asked.

Members can order unlimited cases at the $369 rate plus shipping for as long as you are in the program! (*Please Note: Additional orders do not count as your PSC auto delivery, we reserve those separately for you)

You can OPT OUT at ANY time.   

If your card is declined for any reason, we will make every attempt to contact you by phone and email first. However if we cannot reach you after multiple efforts, you will be opted out.

We realize that everyone has an occasional rough patch in sales.

So our program even allows you to skip a delivery if needed.  You get ONE (1) Skip per year until things get back on track.

*Note: This will push your order back by 30 days once per year if needed.

**Note: It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure we have a current card and delivery information on file. Please keep us informed so we can best serve you!

Paper Savers Club Philosophy

So why go through the trouble to give price breaks and form lasting business partnerships?  If you’ve read our company philosophy, you know that we love to help people achieve their dreams.

We have four guiding principles.

  1. Return on Investment
  2. Time
  3. Simplicity
  4. Security

How does the Paper Savers Club (PSC) do this?

Return on Investment – Better price on an excellent quality paper. Other PCS customers typically save at least $1,000 a year when choosing the monthly frequency.

Time – You don’t have to worry about ordering paper or running out. It shows up at their door ready to print without you having to keep checking your inventory.

You won’t have to pay rush charges if you get a big order because, with the right frequency and additional requests as needed, you’ll have plenty of materials on hand.

Simplicity – One phone call and you are entirely set up. If you ever need to use your free skip or put your membership on hold, it’s as simple as a single phone call or email.

Security – We have the latest technology in credit card security. Our servers WILL NOT STORE any credit card data, and our staff doesn’t have access to credit card numbers.

What do we Get Out of the Deal?

We like the Paper Savers Club also because it helps us reach our goals.  It’s a win/win.  We get:

  • Consistent repeat business from customers
  • We get to save time taking orders or trying to rush paper to your at the last minute
  • It helps us know HOW MUCH TO HAVE ON HAND to meet the ongoing demands of our customers.
  • And, of course, we hope the convenience and savings of the program will earn your loyalty when you make an additional
  • We’re looking for partners, not paper sales.
  • We hope to be your ‘one stop shop’ for all DFX supplies… without question

If you like what you’ve seen about our Paper Savers Club and would like to start your own business, then Call us today at 855-348-4839.

What do our Clients Say?

"I just purchased the OKI 8432 -extremely happy with the sales and training experience.

Amber was extremely helpful in walking me thru everything with the purchase and Stephen was amazing with the training - both so patient and helpful!

I'm just getting started but so far so SO happy and excited about this adventure! Thank you all for the wonderful experience so far!"
Rachel G.
"I purchased the OKI Pro 8432 from ColDesi and have been absolutely impressed with the company's commitment to customer service.

Each if my questions have been thoroughly answered and they even take the time to walk you through the process of using your new equipment on a video call.
If you are looking into purchasing equipment sold by ColDesi and a competitor, chose ColDesi."
Steven A.