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“Goes great with Triton HTV – the Best HTV around”


What can you create?

One of the mainstay pieces of equipment in today’s t-shirt shops and promotional products suppliers is vinyl cutters or plotters. The price point on these machines is low compared to the profit they can generate.  Nearly every t-shirt shop should consider one of them. Even with only occasional use, the cutter can pay for itself quickly.

We like the Graphtec 6000 Plus series of vinyl cutters because they perform brilliantly, are built well, and won’t blow your new equipment budget.

Performance –Graphtec 6000 plus Vinyl Cutter

Your vinyl cutter is like a little robot that goes to work cutting your vinyl for you while you do other things. You tell it what to cut, how much pressure to use, and where to stop and start, and the machine will do the rest.

What’s cool about the Graphtec is that it can cut a guaranteed 16 feet all by itself; without requiring adjustment. So, in other words, the machine is beautifully aligned.

It will not get off track much over the course of an entire 16ft of cutting length. Graphtec’s cutting speed gives you more time to do other things while your vinyl cutter works.

“Their support and knowledge is surpassed by None! Best company to deal with by far in our book!”
Lori C
business owner

Blazing Speed

First of all, the machine is high-speed. It has a top rate of 39 inches per second which is pretty blinding for a cutter of this size.

Of course, you can slow that down, but when you have large letters and lots of areas to cut for a big job, you can get the work out quickly and go right to the heat press.

High-Quality Construction and Reliability

Off The Charts Speed

The machine also has 450 grams of force which is at the top end of the spectrum.

the Graphtec 6000 plus vinyl cutter can cut through even the heaviest of materials.

Lots of Materials

You’ll be able to cut through thick HTV vinyl materials, heavy paper, and stiffer materials that the inexpensive vinyl cutters cannot handle.

The Graphtec 6000 plus series cutter also comes with a two-year warranty which is the longest in the industry.

Excellent Service and Support

Each Graphtec 6000 plus vinyl cutter includes support and service on the equipment for the life of the machine.

The Graphtec brand as a whole has an industry reputation of being very reliable.

Having sold the Graphtec line of vinyl cutters for years, we have found the machines to be very user-friendly with few problems. We have hundreds of units in the field.

Mix and Match

• Sticker material
• Flock material
• Patches
• Twill
• Papers
• Vinyl & More…

Hundreds of Units In the Field

Mark Vila, Director of Marketing with Coleman and Company said:

“I can’t recall out of the hundreds of units that we have sold once where we’ve had a defective component, like a motherboard, or other major problem with one of these machines.”

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Easy to use interface

The machines are also packaged well so that customers do not have trouble with the arrival of the device. Moreover, the vinyl cutter is structurally strong enough to handle lots of portability and years of use

Buying a Graphtec 6000 Plus Vinyl Cutter Just Makes Sense

And, if you are not planning to make that substantial investment just yet in a DTG system or the Digital Heat FX, starting with a vinyl cutter is a great way to go.

You pay less for the equipment overall and can easily and quickly cut multi-color designs.

For small run jobs, and names or numbers, you can be super competitive. Vinyl cutters also have much quicker turnaround than screen printing with less risk of accidentally destroying the shirt.

  • High-Quality cutting for numerous applications
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Powerful application software
  • Advanced Registration Mark Sensor
  • Contour Cut Pre-Printed Graphics
  • Up to 450 grams of force
  • Tangential Emulation – Smoother Cutting
  • Tabletop Size (15″)
  • Included Stand Sizes (24″ and 48″)
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty

The 15-inch size vinyl cutter is also very durable and able to travel.

When comparing a cutter to any other technology, the portability is one of the things that make this machine stand out.

Let’s say that you want to put names and numbers on the backs of jerseys at the field in real time.

You’ll be able to do that by merely loading the machine into the back of your trunk, SUV, etc.

Maybe it’s uniform pick up day at the local school, and you want to offer a way for kids to personalize their items?

That’s easy to do with a vinyl cutter. You bring the machine with you and have your designs ready to go; You’ll load up the material that you’re interested in and then hit send to cut the job out.

Registration Marks and Customer Satisfaction

First of all, the machine is high-speed. It has a top rate of 39 inches per second which is pretty blinding for a cutter of this size.

Of course, you can slow that down, but when you have large letters and lots of areas to cut for a big job, you can get the work out quickly and go right to the heat press

All of the Graphtec cutters we sell incorporate the ability to read registration marks.   It has an optical sensor so that you can use virtually any printer to print the material before placing it in the cutter.

You save time if you have your printer continually printing your sheets.  You then just load them into the cutter and have them registered automatically to cut.

Customer satisfaction with the equipment is very high. If you pick up one of these cutters, you’ll experience maximum reliability for one of the best prices in the market.

Buying a vinyl cutter will give you the ability to get started in the t-shirt business quickly and efficiently while also giving you the maximum portability.  Take your equipment to where the work is.

graphtec 6000 plus

It has never been easier to create t-shirts using a custom vinyl cutter

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