Why You Should Sell Spirit Wear?

Are you in search of a new (and growing) market to which you could sell more of your products for higher prices?

Well, your persistence has paid off — you’ve just come across a newsworthy post!

There’s this thing out there called ‘’spirit wear’’. Now, before you freak out … this ain’t a ghost story or a spooky séance!

It’s way cooler than that! Spirit wear is the gear that unites everyone: from fans on the sidelines and teammates fighting for victory to those watching the action from the comfort of their homes on TV.

These are the kind of customers that should be on your radar! So, let’s zoom in on them for a moment and get to know them a little better.

Students, Schools & Universities

Schools are an absolute goldmine for spirit wear sales. And we have an explanation for why that is. You see, each school and university has its own unique identity, values, colors, and symbolism.

And so, they need an outlet for that. It just so happens that spirit wear is a perfect way for them to express that. And by ‘’them’’ we mean students, parents, teachers, or school staff.

Anyone who belongs there would want to showcase their loyalty, right? Well, we can’t speak for everyone, but statistics have shown that there’s a year-round demand from all over the world.

You could do really well if you’re their supplier. And with the right tools for the job, (like direct-to-film printers) you can make sure that schools get the spirit wear they want quickly and with smile.

Onto the next group of customers.

Sports Teams, Clubs & Fans

Would you like to know who else is after a good piece of spirit wear? You guessed it — sports teams, clubs, and their loyal fans! Oh, boy are they passionate about showing off their team spirit!

They’ll do anything to get their hand on the latest merchandise that displays their team’s logo, colors, and slogan. Whether it’s jerseys, caps, hoodies, or even customized accessories, fans want it all!

And guess what, you can be the one they go to! You can make all these things from the comfort of your home (if you want) within 24 hours. Plus, you don’t need all the fancy equipment right away! You can get started with one of the entry-level spangle transfer machines, such as Spangle Elite or ProSpangle and upgrade to something beefier, like CAMS rhinestone machine down the road!

Corporations and Organizations

This should not surprise you… but… spirit wear has also found its way into the workplace! And for the right reasons.

Apart from looking cool, it does wonders for company’s culture. It boosts employee morale, increases their loyalty, and even makes them feel a sense of belonging and connection to their workplace.

This kind of spirit wear isn’t just about team spirit — it also creates a strong brand identity both within and outside the organization.

Naturally, CEOs and managers would be the first ones in line to order these uniforms from you.

How you make them is entirely up to you… but we’d recommend looking at decoration equipment like Avance embroidery machines.

Now, how about a change of scenery? Let’s talk about travel and tourism.

Tourists and Travelers

Tourists are an interesting bunch. You know how it is… you’ve probably been one yourself. When they visit a new place, it’s like they won’t leave unless they bring a piece of it back home. So, they have developed this wonderful habit of buying souvenirs.

Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt us the decorators. We’re the ones they buy from!

All we need to do is find a nice location to set up our little booth and display our goods in an appealing manner. Then, we’re practically guaranteed a steady stream of customers!

But that’s not even the best part, you can make a good chunk of money from this endeavor because the investment you have to put into the equipment is well under $2,000!

But, don’t take our word for it, simply have a look at DigitalHeat FX systems.

Fitness and Gym Enthusiasts

Athletes. Oh, we can’t forget about them! We’re their cooldown in intense workouts! They need us!

And as the saying goes, when there’s a need there’s a business to be made. As a decorator, you can step in and capitalize on this demand. They’ll be thankful you did.

So, combine your decoration skills with deep understanding of their needs and requirements to create an aesthetic yet functional clothing. And for that, you can use DTG (direct-to-garment) printers.

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