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MagnetFrame Complete Set for 1501C | EMB-MAGFRAME2-Complete
Brand: MagFrame    Part #: EMB-MAGFRAME2-Complete
MagnetFrame Complete Set for 1501C
    Brand: MagFrame     Part #: EMB-MAGFRAME2-Complete

    MagnetFrame Complete Set for 1501C

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    The new MagnetFrame kit is ideal for hooping areas of a garment like collars and cuffs that usually are difficult to embroider on. 

    Instead of traditional embroidery hoops and frames, the garment will go on top of this frame and the magnets will hold it together. It is still recommended that you use a stabilizer in between the garment and hoop to support your fabric and thread.

    Hooping bulky items becomes easier and less time consuming with this magnetic set, while getting rid of having to use adhesive like sticky back tearaway stabilizer. It also allows you to place your garment securely in place to avoid any shifting or hoop burning. 

    The magnets are basically doing all of the work! 

    Now embroidering items like quilts and thick throws won't be such a hassle.

    This MagnetFrame kit is the ideal addition to help boost your embroidery business' productivity! 

    Note: This MagnetFrame kit is for the Avance 1501C only. 

    For Avance 1201C please click here : MagFrame for Avance 1201C

    This kit includes:
    • (1) U-Frame
    • (8) different Mag-Windows >> 1X6, 2X4, 3X4, 4X11, 5X4, 6X8, 7X5, RAD6 (first number is the width, second number is the depth)
    • (4) 2" MagStiks
    • (4) 4" MagStiks
    • (2) 14" Ears

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