The Best Shirts for Sublimation / Vapor Apparel

The Vapor fabrics vary from athletic Micro-Fiber to cotton-like feel and are flexible enough to be worn as a base layer in the winter or to keep you dry and cool in the summer.

Vapor apparel’s collection of sublimation shirt blanks is a great choice for custom apparel decorators.

Vapor is one of the best shirts for dye sublimation because they pioneered high-performance UV protective clothing. They make excellent performance apparel for sublimation, screen printing, and embroidery alike.

Key Technologies:

  • Permanent moisture-wicking technologies
  • Antimicrobial and stain-resistance
  • UV Protection

The Vapor fabrics vary from athletic Micro-Fiber to cotton-like feel and are flexible enough to be worn as a base layer in the winter or to keep you dry and cool in the summer.

Youth, adult, and women’s sizes are all available in over 50 styles and colors. It is worth noting that vapor apparel sells wholesale sublimation t-shirts, sublimation t-shirt blanks, and sublimation shirt blanks made entirely of polyester and other synthetic fabrics, which are the best shirts for sublimation by far.

Top 3 Best Shirts | Dye Sublimation

Sun Protection Long Sleeve Polo

The Vapor Apparel long-sleeve polo is second to none. They’re soft and comfortable to wear every day. This long-sleeve polo is superior in terms of structure and fabric design.

It is light and comfortable; the microfiber fabric is soft and travels with you without clinging or stretching out. The “anti-odor technology” dependent on zinc helps you stay fresh.


This polo shines in the summer as a sun-protection shirt because it has permanent built-in UPF 50+ UV protection. It’s an ideal base layer for wicking and warmth in freezing weather without adding weight. It’s ideal for golf games, casual wear, and work.


The shirt’s sun shield pigment won’t fade in the sun. Unlike regular cotton t-shirts, they will not stretch out over time, even after many uses and washings.


A collar with three buttons, set-in shoulder construction for a perfect fit and a natural shape that flatters. The shoulder is true to size, trimmer body fit – not too tight or baggy. The sleeve design prevents excessive underarm material so no uncomfortable bunching.

Finally, the high-quality stitching and tapered wrists keep the sleeves from falling.

The V-Neck sublimation t-shirt blank is a solar performance Long Sleeve T-shirt with UPF 50+ UV cover from the sun.

It is comfortable and lightweight to wear. It wicks moisture away from the skin and dries simultaneously.

The colors will not fade on regardless of soap brands or washing habits.

It has a set-in sleeve with high-quality stitching. The fabric is 100% Polyester with 50+ UPF and can wick away moisture.

It has antimicrobial technology, M-Shield, that helps to combat odor.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it as an efficient UV protector for the covered areas.

Soft + Comfortable with built-in 50+ UPF sun protection, this mid-weight layer is easy to pull on and off as the weather or your activity level shifts.

This Quarter-Zip Pullover is super soft, and comfortable. The microfiber fabric is incredibly soft and travels with you without clinging or stretching out. And once again the anti-odor technology based on zinc keeps you feeling fresh.

It’s easy to layer this quarter-zip over-exercise or casual wear; it functions well in different seasons. Also, unlike a traditional sweater, it will not stretch out over time.

Other features also include:

  • Set-in shoulder construction for a perfect fit and a natural shape that flatters.
  • the shoulder is true to size, a classic fit – not too baggy or tight.
  • The sleeve length reaches just below the thigh, preventing the shirt from riding up when active.
  • Both the tapered wrists and high-quality fabric prevent the sleeves from falling.

Why UV Protection is Important 

Getting a Sunburn, which is a common side effect of over-exposure to UV isn’t as harmless as it may seem – the red, swollen, and peeling skin is a sign of widespread skin cell damage of sunburn.

Sunburn can be harmful enough to cause blisters or worse which can leave permanent scars. Also, Dermatologists warn that excessive UV exposure can cause premature aging, age spots, and even skin cancer. Thus, UV protection is a significant factor to consider when choosing your sublimation t-shirts.

Vapor sublimation shirt blanks, long-sleeved tops, long trousers and long t-shirts protect your skin from those UV rays.

Who needs sublimation shirt blanks?

High school sports teams, lawn care, and city/county workers need the sublimation shirt blanks to protect them from UV radiation, wick moisture away from their skin, and dry it simultaneously.

What Else do you Need to Make Custom Vapor Apparel Shirts?

A sublimation printer like the Sawgrass SG1000

The Sawgrass printer works just like a regular desktop color printer. It just uses specialty sublimation inks and paper that allows for heat pressing onto blank t-shirts.

Any sublimation printer requires that you use polyester shirts – and that’s where the Vapor Apparel comes in!

Quality Heat Press like the Hotronix STX20

The Hotronix STX20 is not the only heat press you can use for sublimation, but it is the one most recommended by the team at Colman and Company for use with Vapor Apparel and the Sawgrass sublimation printers.

It’s got a 16” x 20” bed, which means you can press big, PROFITABLE designs onto large t-shirt sizes.

[If you decide to add sublimation MUGS to your business you would need a specific kind of heat press called a “mug press”. Find that here.]

If you are in the custom t-shirt business or WANT to be, then buying good blank t-shirts for a good price is probably your first step – you can get blanks of all kinds Colman and Company – normally no minimum orders, and great shipping deals especially for people inside Florida where their warehouse is located.

While there are many brands of wholesale apparel, Vapor Apparel is certainly one of the best… especially for sublimation.



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