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GEMFix Rolled Materials Cutter 110XC | GF-110XC
Brand: GEMFix    Part #: GF-110XC
GEMFix Rolled Materials Cutter 110XC
    Brand: GEMFix     Part #: GF-110XC

    GEMFix Rolled Materials Cutter 110XC

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    The GEMFix 110XC Rolled Materials Cutter converts your rolled goods into useful sheeted goods. This machine is a true workhorse.
    Simple to use, easy to operate, very well made. It checks every box on your list. Buy one today and make your life a little bit easier.

    The 110XC model accommodates roll cores up to 44" wide, with a maximum material cutting width of 40".

    • GEMFix cutters can cut rolled materials such as: Transfer paper, Opaque and Glitter Vinyl, Fabric, Plastic, BubbleWrap, Backings, Teflon, etc.
    • GEMFix cutters use a 110V outlet and draws 4-amps of power.
    • GEMFix cutters require an AIR COMPRESSOR capable of 25/liters per minute (1 HP/ 6-Gallon compressor will work very well.)
    • GEMFix cutters use standard, flat utility blades, available at any hardware store and through our store.

    • Minimum cuts: Can cut once every 3cm.
    • Maximum cutting length: Can cut once every 100M.
    • Maximum cutting thickness: Cuts solid materials up to 1/16”, bubble wrap up to 1/2” 
    • Maximum cutting speed: 450 cuts per hour (12"/30cm long)
    • Maximum roll weight: 80lbs

    Comes with a two year mechanical parts and one year electrical parts warranty.

    Warranties and first-level support are handled by ColDesi.

    Next-level technical support will be handled by the manufacturer (Portugal: 4hrs ahead).

    GEMFix cutters are CE certified.

    Shipping Crate Weight and Dimensions: Weight: 220 lbs.  67 inches Long x 32 inches Wide x 24 inches Tall
    Actual Machine Dimensions: 55 inches Long X 20 inches Wide X 18 inches Tall 

    Be sure of your purchase, as there is a 30% restocking fee, no exceptions. 

    We are the US importer for GemFix Cutters. Delivery takes 7-9 weeks to get a machine to Tampa. Then a few more days to your location. 

    There are seven different models of cutters available. Offering cutting widths from 20" to 59"  We have a cutter to meet your needs. Call for additional pricing.

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    That’s why we’ve implemented full payment security validation steps BEFORE any machine leaves our facility.

    These payment security steps are designs specifically to make sure that no one is using your information to buy equipment and that you are never charged for something you did not order.

    Secure-Ship validation will take between 3 and 5 businesses days on all forms of payment except for direct wire transfers. Transactions involving a credit card, cashier’s check, bank check or personal check will all be subject to our full payment security validation.

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