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FREE ART: A Little Bit of Summer

“Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about.” —John Mayer”

Summer is full of some of our favorite cliches… BBQ, Fishing, Beach time, Surfing, Boating & ice cream. This is the time of year for new t-shirts, tank tops, hats and being outside. Your customers are ready to kick back and enjoy the summer.

People are out there enjoying their summer and it’s your responsibility to help them look great and express themselves!

Celebrate summer and your business with this fun-in-the-sun inspired art. 

Spread the joy of summer with these free designs!

Thank you to Matthew Bell (art) and ColDesi-Graphics (digitizing) for the great work on this art!

Feel free to use and share this art for business or personal use.

What can you do with this art?

  • Get in contact with your past customers, neighbors, PTA/PTO Moms – see who is interested in getting a custom fathers day gift.
  • Offer a free-bee for a later date. Buy 2 independence day gifts and get a free back to school gift for kids
  • Email all of your customers and advise what you have for sale. Donate a % to a local fund to help foster kids. 
  • Sell online through Facebook Groups, Ebay Stores, Etsy Stores. – don’t forget the NextDoor app
  • Make mugs, t-shirts, wall signs, window hanging signs, coasters, hats, etc 

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